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11 of the most cringeworthy moments in Netflix's new holiday rom-com 'Single All the Way'

nick and peter in single all the way
The movie centers on best friends who fall for each other.
  • "Single All the Way," Netflix's latest holiday film, has plenty of cliché and awkward moments. 
  • Peter's family is overly involved in his love life and pushes him and Nick together. 
  • Aunt Sandy is rude to the kids during rehearsals, and she makes inappropriate comments to James.
The movie opens with an awkward holiday-themed photoshoot.
male models posing for shaving ad in single all the way
Peter's job as a social-media coordinator includes frequent photoshoots.

Peter's job is vaguely explained as having something to do with social media, and apparently, it involves working with models on photoshoots for his clients

The opening scene of the movie shows Peter at a Christmas-themed ad photoshoot for a shaving-cream brand. 

Later in the movie, the shaving-cream photoshoot is repeated with Nick, Peter, and James, who pose awkwardly in random places around town with shaving cream on their faces.

Peter talks to and has names for all of his plants.
peter talking to his plants in single all the way
Peter is very passionate about plants.

Peter's love of plants is mentioned consistently throughout the movie, as is his plant Instagram page, MrHausPlant.

When he's in his LA apartment, Peter even talks to his plants, which he's apparently also named.

TaskRabbit is mentioned an absurd number of times.
taskrabbit notification on a phone in single all the way
Nick finds gigs on TaskRabbit.

During his first scene, Nick mentions that he's been completing jobs for TaskRabbit all day and wears a TaskRabbit shirt.

This alone feels a bit like obvious product placement, but TaskRabbit is mentioned at least five more times throughout the movie.

Multiple plot points even rely on Nick being at a TaskRabbit job, such as him finding out that Peter's boyfriend is married and him delaying leaving town at the end of the film.

Peter's father asks Nick how he learned to be a handyman when he's gay.
nick fixing the plumbing in single all the way
The conversation is awkward and totally unnecessary.

Nick helps Peter's father, Harold, fix a plumbing issue when he first arrives at Peter's family's house for the holidays.

Harold makes a comment about Nick being a gay handyman and asks where he was able to learn the skills.

Although Peter's parents are very open with their acceptance of their son's sexuality, it's pretty uncomfortable to watch Harold assume that gay men aren't good at manual labor. 

Peter's entire family manipulates his relationship with Nick.
peter's nieces holding a ladder in single all the way
Peter and Nick are kind of forced together.

Peter's family is so overly involved in his relationship status that he dreads going home for the holidays.

Once he arrives home, his mother, Carole, immediately starts talking to him about how everyone wants him to be in a relationship.

Throughout the rest of the movie, Peter's parents, siblings, and nieces all push him and Nick together and manipulate the two men into situations they think will force them to fall in love.

Peter has to explain incredibly basic things to his client during his Christmas vacation.
text messages on a phone in single all the way
Peter has to do a ton of extra work over the holidays.

Peter's client, Lachlan, evidently has a reputation for being very particular with ad photos, and Peter has to spend a good chunk of his trip home troubleshooting issues. 

When Peter checks his phone before his first date with James, previous texts from Lachlan show how aggravating this client really is.

Lachlan had previously texted Peter saying he didn't have the login information and couldn't find a photo folder, even though Peter had already sent over both.

Lachlan also individually texts Peter all 38 of the photos in the folder for no apparent reason.

Carole's obsession with Christmas is excessive.
carole standing in front of decorated house in single all the way
She even makes everyone call her Christmas Carole.

Right away, Peter warns Nick that his mom insists on being called Christmas Carole for all of December.

This proves true, as she gives Nick a hard stare when he accidentally just calls her Carole later on.

Her Christmas traditions are mocked by most of the family, including Peter's sister Lisa, who complains about the family's gift-wrapping tradition that involves everyone sitting in separate rooms. 

Sandy takes her role as director too seriously and is rude to the kids in her pageant.
sandy directing the pageant in single all the way
The show is obviously about her, not the kids.

Aunt Sandy directs a Christmas pageant for the town every year — and she's rude to the kids during the rehearsals and yells at them until Peter interrupts.

Her over-the-top commitment to the simple community show seems like it's meant to be funny, but all the scenes with her directing are just irritating to watch.

Peter's nieces purposefully dress "sexy" so they're forced to change.
peters nieces dressed for the christmas pageant in single all the way
The used the makeovers as a ruse to get Nick and Peter together.

Peter's nieces, Daniela and Sofia, pick out dramatic outfits to wear for the pageant.

The girls are chastised for dressing "too sexy," and their younger male cousins are led out of the room to avoid seeing them in these outfits — which aren't even very revealing. 

Peter even makes a cringey "ho ho ho" joke before being recruited to redo their makeup.

Although they purposefully orchestrated these outfits so they could force Peter into having a conversation about his feelings for Nick, the predicted shame they received from the adults in the room was still uncomfortable. 

Sandy hits on James while he's on a date with her nephew.
sandy hitting on james at the bar
Sandy doesn't seem to have a filter.

Sandy is very comfortable saying anything that comes to mind — possibly because she seems drunk in pretty much every scene she's in.

When she sees James in the bar, she immediately goes up to him to tell him he's handsome and tries to get with him.

Even after Carole comes over to tell Sandy that James is both gay and on a date with her nephew, Sandy makes a comment about people being "into all sorts of things" and stands there until Carole pulls her away from the clearly uncomfortable duo.

Nick almost leaves town instead of having a real conversation with his best friend.
nick packing his bag in single all the way
He doesn't even let Peter finish thinking things through.

James interrupts Nick and Peter after Nick confesses his feelings for Peter.

Even though Peter barely had a minute to process all of this information before getting whisked away, Nick assumes he's getting rejected and decides to pack his bags and go home to LA without finishing the conversation. 

Luckily a last-minute TaskRabbit job keeps him in town. But it would've been a little rude for Nick to leave without giving Peter a chance to respond. It also seems out of character for Nick to ditch Peter's family during Christmas.

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11 of the most cringeworthy moments in Netflix's new holiday rom-com 'Single All the Way'
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