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The first and last outfits of 29 'Twilight' characters

alice thumb 2 - twilight first and last outfits
Ashley Greene, who played Alice Cullen, was in every "Twilight" movie.
  • The "Twilight" films show characters sporting the fashion trends of the late 2000s and 2010s.
  • Several of the outfits worn by the vampires and werewolves hint at their supernatural abilities. 
  • Warning: Major spoilers for the "Twilight" series ahead. 
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Bella Swan's first outfit includes clothing and accessories she wears throughout the series.
twilight bella swan
Kristen Stewart in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

Bella (Kristen Stewart) is first shown in Phoenix, Arizona, saying goodbye to her mother before she moves to Forks, Washington.

She sports a gray long-sleeve shirt with a green top over it and wears other layered looks like this one in most of the films.

Bella also has bracelets on, which she can be seen wearing throughout the series.

Her last outfit features another long-sleeve top, but she looks very different.
edward breaking dawn
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in "Breaking Dawn — Part 2."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 2"

By the end of the series, Bella has been turned into a vampire, and her transformation has altered her looks.

Her eyes are golden, reflecting the animals-only diet that she and the rest of the Cullens follow, and her skin sparkles in the sunlight just like the other vampires.

Bella's final look, a long-sleeved purple top, is shown as she lays in a field with Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson).

Renée Dwyer's first outfit reflects the hot Phoenix weather.
renee twilight
Sarah Clarke in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

Bella's mother, Renée (Sarah Clarke), wears a layered tank-top look when she is first shown.

The addition of a sun hat makes this entire outfit fitting for the hot, Phoenix weather and differentiates it from the looks later shown in Forks.

Her last look is purple dress that she wears to Bella's wedding.
renee breaking dawn
Sarah Clarke in "Breaking Dawn — Part 1."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 1"

Renée wears a long purple dress to Bella's wedding. The outfit is a lovely mother-of-the-bride look, though her hair is styled in a somewhat disheveled updo.

Charlie Swan is first shown in his police uniform.
twilight charlie
Kristen Stewart and Billy Burke in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

Bella's dad, Charlie (Billy Burke), is dressed in his Forks police-department uniform during his first on-screen moments.

This look, which Charlie is shown wearing in the later films, includes a Forks patch on the left shoulder that is featured a few other times throughout the series as well.

He wears far more casual clothing for the Christmas scene.
charlie breaking dawn
Billy Burke in "Breaking Dawn — Part 2."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 2"

By the end of the series, Charlie and Bella have both connected to people in Forks and created a larger family.

Charlie is last seen wearing jeans and an unbuttoned shirt during the Christmas gathering he throws with his new girlfriend, Sue Clearwater.

Billy Black dons a black hat and layers when he first appears.
twilight billy
Billy Burke and Gil Birmingham in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

Jacob Black's (Taylor Lautner) father and Charlie's best friend, Billy (Gil Birmingham), is wearing a layered look when he is introduced — a T-shirt and jeans with a bright coat and a black hat.

Billy seemingly wears the same hat during his final scene.
billy breaking dawn
Gil Birmingham in "Breaking Dawn — Part 1."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 1"

Billy is last shown on-screen arguing with Sam about Jacob, wearing another pair of jeans with a T-shirt and jacket.

He also seems to be sporting the exact same black hat that was part of his first outfit.

Jacob has long hair and wears jeans and a hoodie in his first scene.
jacob twilight
Gil Birmingham and Taylor Lautner in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

Jacob wears jeans, a T-shirt, and a hoodie when he first appears. His hair is also quite long in this movie and the beginning of "New Moon."

As Jacob is a human at this point, the later change in his hair and clothing style helps show his transformation into a werewolf-pack member.

Jacob looks quite different in his last appearance, with shorter hair, noticeable muscles, and more mature clothes.
jacob breaking dawn
Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner in "Breaking Dawn — Part 2."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 2"

Lautner went through his own transformation to show how different Jacob looked as a werewolf, as the actor gained muscle mass for the role.

He was also able to show off his short haircut instead of wearing the long wig.

Jacob's style changed to include more mature clothes by the end of the series, and he wears slacks and a button-down rather than jeans and a T-shirt during his last scene.

Eric Yorkie's first outfit is oddly formal for school.
eric twilight
Justin Chon in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

When he is first shown on-screen, Eric (Justin Chon) introduces himself to Bella.

He wears a buttoned-up and dark-gray collared shirt with a black tie, which is an oddly formal look to wear to high school.

He also sports a tie for his last look, but this time it's more fitting.
eric breaking dawn
Anna Kendrick, Justin Chon, and Christian Serratos in "Breaking Dawn — Part 1."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 1"

Eric's last look is also formal, but since he's dressed for Bella's wedding, it's far less out of place.

He wears a dark suit with a gray shirt and purple tie that match well together.

Mike Newton is first shown in gym clothes.
mike twilight
Michael Welch in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

Mike (Michael Welch) first talks to Bella after she accidentally hits him in the head with a volleyball.

He is dressed for gym class with shorts, a plain T-shirt, and a scrimmage jersey that shows which team he's on.

He is last shown in a more formal outfit at Bella's wedding.
mike breaking dawn
Michael Welch and Anna Kendrick in "Breaking Dawn — Part 1."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 1"

Mike's last appearance in the "Twilight" series is when he attends Bella's wedding.

He wears a gray suit, blue shirt, and burgundy tie, which adds up to a look that's far more formal than his typical school clothes from the earlier movies.

Jessica Stanley is also wearing gym clothes in her first scene.
jessica twilight
Anna Kendrick in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

Jessica (Anna Kendrick), like Mike, first talks to Bella during gym class.

She wears an identical outfit to Bella for the class, which includes black pants, sneakers, and a gray T-shirt.

She wears a bright dress in her last scene.
jessica twilight
Anna Kendrick in "Breaking Dawn — Part 1."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 1"

Jessica dons more stylish outfits after her first appearance, and her final look is the champagne strapless dress she wears to Bella's wedding.

Angela Weber has her camera with her when she's first shown.
angela twilight
Christian Serratos in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

Bella's other school friend, Angela (Christian Serratos), is first introduced in the cafeteria scene.

She wears a purple zip jacket and has her camera strapped across her shoulder.

She wears a beige dress and has her camera again during her last scene.
angela breaking dawn
Justin Chon, Anna Kendrick, and Christian Serratos in "Breaking Dawn — Part 1."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 1"

Angela's interest in photography apparently lasts throughout the series since she also has a camera during her final on-screen moments.

She wears a strapless dress to Bella's wedding and styles her hair down rather than in the casual updos she sports in the earlier movies.

Rosalie Hale's first outfit is polished and includes a necklace with the Cullen crest.
rosalie twilight
Nikki Reed in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

Rosalie (Nikki Reed) dons a fashionable outfit when she is first shown, paring jeans with a gray coat, white scarf, and black heels for a rather dressy school look.

The Cullen-family crest that she wears on a chain is also a prominent part of her fit.

Her final look is slightly more casual but still includes layers.
rosalie breaking dawn
Nikki Reed last appears in "Breaking Dawn — Part 2."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 2"

Roaslie's final look is a bit more casual with a gray shirt and light-brown shawl that she belts at the waist.

Surprisingly, she does not wear the Cullen-crest necklace with this look, even though it would presumably make more sense to don it around other vampires instead of humans at school.

Emmett Cullen is originally dressed in white, sporting an outfit that compliments Rosalie's.
emmett twilight
Nikki Reed and Kellan Lutz in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

Emmett (Kellan Lutz) wears an all-white look for his first outfit — his light shirt, sweater, and pants all match the white bracelet on his left arm.

He also wears the Cullen-family crest on his right wrist.

Emmett's last look is a complete reversal of his first one.
emmett breaking dawn
Kellan Lutz last appears at the end of "Breaking Dawn — Part 2."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn – Part 2"

Emmett looks very different when he's last seen, as he's no longer wearing a monochromatic look and instead pairs gray pants with a striped shirt. He doesn't have any bracelets or accessories.

From her very first look, Alice Cullen shows off her unique sense of fashion and iconic choker.
alice twilight
Ashley Greene in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

Out of all the Cullens, Alice (Ashley Greene) seems to talk the most about fashion in the movies.

In "Midnight Sun," the Stephenie Meyer novel from Edward's point of view, it's even explained that Alice picks out clothes for the rest of the family.

So her first appearance is appropriately fashionable, as she layers a white shirt, gray vest, and flowing shawl over jeans, tying the look together with her family-crest choker

Her last look is still stylish but less flowy.
alice breaking dawn
Ashley Greene in "Breaking Dawn – Part 2."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 2"

Alice's last look is still fashionable but is a darker and more mature fit which matches the serious tone of the near-miss battle against the Volturi.

Although her full outfit is hard to see, she wears a dark blazer over a purple blouse with a fashionable set of necklaces.

Like the other Cullens, Jasper Hale is also dressed in white for his first look.
jasper twilight
Jackson Rathbone in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) also wears a monochromatic outfit for his on-screen entrance.

Although he rarely wears white in any of the other movies, his outfit in this scene matches Alice's.

His last outfit seems to fit his usual style more.
Jasper breaking dawn
Jackson Rathbone in "Breaking Dawn — Part 2."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 2"

Throughout the rest of the series, Jasper tends to wear dressier clothing than he does during his first appearance.

His final look includes jeans and a gray coat, which seems fitting for his character, who wears dark sweaters and button-downs in the other films.

Edward's clothes in his first scene set him apart from the other Cullens.
edward twilight
Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, and Robert Pattinson in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

Edward wears a dark-gray shirt and jeans when he's first shown.

Jasper and Emmett are both dressed in white while their respective partners, Alice and Rosalie, also wear light colors.

The choice to have the other Cullens except Edward coordinate clothes helps him stand out as the only single member when Bella first sees him.

He wears short sleeves as his last outfit since Bella already knows what he looks like in the sunlight.
twilight breaking dawn part 2 edward bella field
Robert Pattinson in "Breaking Dawn — Part 2."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 2"

Donning a short-sleeve shirt, Edward last appears in the final scene of the series, when he and Bella talk in the sunlit meadow.

In the first "Twilight" movie, viewers and Bella see what Edward's vampire skin looks like when it glitters in the sun. This unique condition means Edward rarely ever wears short-sleeve shirts — "Midnight Sun" mentions how few he has in his wardrobe.

So Edward wearing one in front of Bella in the final scene shows how comfortable he is around her.

Carlisle Cullen is initially dressed for work.
carisle twilight
Peter Facinelli in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) first appears when he checks on Bella after the accident with Tyler's van.

He is dressed in a bright and professional outfit, wearing a robin-egg blue button-down with a lighter tie, black pants, and white lab coat.

He's dressed more casually during his last appearance.
carlisle breaking dawn
Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser in "Breaking Dawn — Part 2."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 2"

Since Carlisle is dressed for a fight rather than a hospital shift, it makes sense that his final outfit is more casual.

He wears a gray hoodie over a dark shirt with matching pants and shoes.

Victoria has a trendy shirt and white fur coat on when she's first shown.
victoria twilight
Rachelle Lefevre in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

Based on her outfits, Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) has a pretty trendy fashion sense.

She is first shown wearing a sequin shirt that would have been popular and trendy at the time this film debuted, and her white fur coat elevates the casual look.

Her last outfit is more practical for the battle she initiates.
victoria eclipse
Bryce Dallas Howard in "Eclipse."

Last appearance: "Eclipse"

Wearing a gray coat over a deep-purple shirt and blue jeans during her final appearance, Victoria (recast as Bryce Dallas Howard) is dressed in more practical clothes for the battle she wages against the Cullens.

James is inexplicably shirtless during his first scene.
james twilight
Cam Gigandet in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

James (Cam Gigandet) wears jeans and shoes without a shirt during his first appearance.

There isn't any explanation given for why James has bracelets and necklaces on but no shirt, which actually leads to a continuity error.

James has a visible tattoo just above his hip even though vampires cannot be inked in the "Twilight" universe.

He wears more clothing during his death scene.
twilight james
Cam Gigandet in "Twilight."

Last appearance: "Twilight"

James' final outfit manages to mostly cover the inexplicable tattoo, as he wears jeans, sneakers, and a dark jacket.

Laurent also shows off his chest for some of his looks.
laurent twilight
Edi Gathegi in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

Laurent (Edi Gathegi) wears an orange coat with a white, ruffled shirt under it for his first scene on the docks.

But when he is later shown more clearly in the same outfit, his coat is open without the shirt underneath.

He's wearing a very similar outfit when he last appears.
laurent new moon
Edi Gathegi in "New Moon."

Last appearance: "New Moon"

Laurent is yet again wearing an open coat for his last look.

This time, for his death scene, the coat is a darker brown and perfectly matches his pants.

Esme Cullen wears a nice outfit to prepare for meeting Bella.
esme twilight
Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser in "Twilight."

First appearance: "Twilight"

Esme (Elizabeth Reaser) dresses up in preparation for meeting Bella for the first time, donning a sleeveless purple top with ruffles tucked into a black skirt.

She wears her sleeker last outfit to the anticipated Volturi battle.
esme breaking dawn
Elizabeth Reaser in "Breaking Dawn — Part 2."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 2"

Esme's last outfit is more sleek and casual, as she is dressed for a potential battle.

Her outfit is very similar to one of Alice's final looks and includes black pants and a brown jacket. 

Aro is first shown in his 1700s clothing when Edward explains that Carlisle once lived with the Volturi.
aro new moon
Michael Sheen in "New Moon."

First appearance: "New Moon"

The Volturi are a coven of vampires that enforce rules for the others to follow, and Edward describes them as the closest thing his people have to royalty.

This makes Aro (Michael Sheen), the leader of the Volturi, basically their world's version of a king, and his wardrobe definitely reflects that.

Aro is first shown in an 18th-century flashback donning a ruffled, high-collar white shirt, gold pants, dress shoes, and a long, dark cloak.

By the 21st century, Aro's style hasn't changed much.
aro breaking dawn
Michael Sheen in "Breaking Dawn — Part 2."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 2"

Aro's formal fashion sense lasts throughout several centuries, as he is still shown wearing classy clothes even in the present.

He last appears to meet with the Cullens and decide what should be done about Renesmee, to which he wears a black-and-gold top with dark pants and a Volturi robe.

He also has a necklace with the Volturi crest on it.

Sam Uley is shirtless in his first scene, like many of the werewolves are throughout the series.
sam new moon
Chaske Spencer in "New Moon."

First appearance: "New Moon"

Sam (Chaske Spencer) first appears on-screen after having found Bella in the woods.

He's shirtless when he carries her out, wearing jeans and sneakers.

He wears a shirt and jacket for his final look.
sam breaking dawn part 2
Chaske Spencer in "Breaking Dawn — Part 2."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 2"

Sam delivers a message from Alice and Jasper to the Cullens while wearing jeans, a light-black shirt, and a heavy, brown jacket.

Later in the films, he and his pack fight alongside the Cullens in the envisioned battle against the Volturi, but this moment is the last time he is seen as a human in the movies.

Quil Ateara sports a very casual outfit for his first look.
quil new moon
Tyson Houseman and Kiowa Gordon in "New Moon."

First appearance: "New Moon"

Quil (Tyson Houseman) and Embry Call (Kiowa Gordon) are some of Jacob's closest friends early in the series.

When Quil is first shown on-screen, he's wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

He's dressed very similarly when he's last shown.
quil breaking dawn
Quil last appears in person in "Breaking Dawn — Part 1."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 1"

By his last appearance, plenty has changed for Quil — he's become a werewolf and is no longer in the same pack as Jacob.

However, his fashion sense has apparently stayed the same, as he still wears just a T-shirt, pants, and sneakers during his final appearance.

Like Jacob, Embry has long hair and a hoodie when he's first shown.
embry new moon
Kiowa Gordon in "New Moon."

First appearance: "New Moon"

Embry's first look appears similar to Jacob's since the young werewolf has long hair and wears a hoodie over a T-shirt and jeans.

He also cuts his hair shorter by the end of the series.
embry breaking dawn
Tyson Houseman and Kiowa Gordon in "Breaking Dawn — Part 1."

Last appearance:  "Breaking Dawn — Part 1"

Embry's look changes after he becomes a werewolf, and his transformation looks very similar to Jacob's.

Embry cuts his hair shorter and doesn't wear as many long-sleeved shirts, as werewolves don't usually feel cold.

For his last outfit, he wears a short-sleeved hoodie with jeans.

Emily Young wears casual outfits whenever she's shown.
emily new moon
Chaske Spencer and Tinsel Korey in "New Moon."

First appearance: "New Moon"

Emily (Tinsel Korey), Sam's fiancée, has a casual style that matches her friendly and laid-back personality.

When Bella first meets her, Emily is wearing a checkered shirt over a tank top and jeans.

When last seen on-screen, she wears more layers than the werewolves around her.
emily breaking dawn
Tinsel Korey and Chaske Spencer in "Breaking Dawn – Part 1."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn – Part 1"

Since werewolves don't usually get cold, it makes sense that they wear so few layers during the beach scene in "Breaking Dawn — Part 1."

As a human, Emily does have to dress for the weather and is wearing two shirts and a jacket while her werewolf fiancé only wears a tank top.

Jane wears a cloak like the other Volturi members.
jane new moon
Dakota Fanning in "New Moon."

First appearance: "New Moon"

Jane (Dakota Fanning) wears a long, dark cloak like other like Volturi members for her first look.

Her cloak has a large, black bow at the front, and Jane also wears dark eye makeup whenever she's shown.

Her final look also fits in with the rest of the Volturi.
jane breaking dawn
Dakota Fanning in "Breaking Dawn — Part 2."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 2"

Jane's last look is a more polished version of her original outfit.

She still wears a long, dark cloak, but this one has a red lining and matches those of the other Volturi members.

Her Volturi-crest necklace and usual eye makeup are also key parts of the look.

Leah Clearwater's first look shows off her wolf-pack tattoo.
leah new moon
Julia Jones in "Eclipse."

First appearance: "Eclipse"

Leah (Julia Jones) is the only woman who is part of a werewolf pack in "Twilight," and she shows off her membership tattoo by wearing a tank top.

During her final appearance, her outfit isn't really shown.
Leah breaking dawn
Leah Clearwater's shirt is briefly shown.

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn – Part 2"

By the last installment of the series, Leah has separated from Sam's pack and is part of Jacob's instead.

She is at the Christmas celebration that Charlie throws, and can be seen sitting on his couch, though her outfit isn't visible aside from the top of a blue shirt.

Seth Clearwater wears a hoodie similar to Jacob's when he first meets Bella.
seth eclipse
Booboo Stewart and Taylor Lautner in "Eclipse."

First appearance: "Eclipse"

Seth (Booboo Stewart), who wears a hoodie and jeans for his first outfit, is Leah's brother and the youngest werewolf we meet in Forks.

He is last shown in a regular shirt.
seth breaking dawn
Viewers can spot Seth Clearwater's final red shirt in "Breaking Dawn — Part 2."

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 2"

Seth also goes to Charlie's house for Christmas during the second "Breaking Dawn" movie, and although his last outfit isn't fully shown on-screen, viewers can see his red shirt.

Bree Tanner sports a checkered jacket and jeans when she's first shown.
bree eclipse
Jodelle Ferland in "Eclipse."

First appearance: "Eclipse"

Bree (Jodelle Ferland) is one of the vampires Riley helps turn for Victoria's army.

In her first scene, she wears jeans, sneakers, and a checkered shirt, all of which are in dark colors.

She dies in a similar outfit with more layers.
Bree eclipse
Jodelle Ferland in "Eclipse."

Last appearance: "Eclipse"

Bree seems to be wearing some of the exact same clothes during her death scene. Her jeans and checkered shirt are still visible, but she has a jacket on as well.

Although her time in the film series is incredibly limited, Meyer wrote a novella titled "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" with the young character at the forefront.

Wrapped in a blanket, Renesmee Cullen is a newborn in her first scene.
breaking dawn
Nikki Reed in "Breaking Dawn — Part 1."

First appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 1"

Renesmee is first shown when Bella gives birth to her and is wrapped in a white blanket.

By the end of the series, she's aged quite a bit.
renesmee breaking dawn
Although several actresses play Renesmee, Mackenzie Foy is the last one seen on-screen.

Last appearance: "Breaking Dawn — Part 2"

Since she's part vampire, Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy) ages at an accelerated pace.

She appears to be around 8 or 9 years old when last shown on-screen and wears several layers of shirts paired with a green, checkered skirt.

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The first and last outfits of 29 'Twilight' characters
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