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Stephen Curry lost it on a referee, then dropped 9 points in 75 seconds and a taunt as revenge

Stephen Curry holds his hand up in confusion and glares during a game.
Stephen Curry.
  • Stephen Curry received a technical foul after exploding on a ref for not calling a foul.
  • Curry then scored 9 points in 75 seconds to put away the Clippers.
  • After his last 3-pointer, Curry made a mocking technical foul gesture.

Stephen Curry lost his cool on Sunday but regained it in time to bury the LA Clippers.

With just over nine minutes remaining, Curry drove the lane against the Clippers and got hit by Terrence Mann while in the air. He flailed in the air and lost control of the ball, but no foul was called.

The typically mild-mannered Curry lost in on the referee, stomping towards him and yelling about the no-call. He received a technical and was pulled away by teammates.

So Curry got revenge in the only way he knows how — by embarrassing his opponent.

After a quiet stretch following the technical, Curry erupted. Over a span of 75 seconds, ranging from the 6:36 mark to the 5:21 mark, Curry scored 9 points, hitting 3 three-pointers in four possessions.

Each one was better than the next:

On the third and final three, the dagger, he gave a mock technical foul gesture as if to punctuate at the explosion.

After the game, Curry didn't offer much insight into why he did it, only saying it was open for "interpretation."

Curry finished the game with 33 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists, and 6 steals. He said his technical foul "fired up" both him and the team.

Through 20 games, the Warriors are an NBA-best 18-2, while Curry sits atop the early MVP ladder. In what's looking like a comeback season for Golden State, Curry is finding new ways to motivate himself to remain the NBA's deadliest force on offense.

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Stephen Curry lost it on a referee, then dropped 9 points in 75 seconds and a taunt as revenge
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