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21 adorable holiday sweaters for dogs, from a Hanukkah hoodie to a snarky gingerbread knit

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baby and small white dog wearing matching sweaters: one of the best dog sweaters for holidays
Dog Threads makes sweaters for festive pups and their humans.

  • An adorable dog sweater will make the holidays all the more merry.
  • We rounded up holiday sweaters for dogs of all sizes to add some joy to your holiday festivities.
  • He are 21 of our favorite sweaters, from understated fair isle knits to ridiculous Christmas sweaters.

The holidays are just around the corner, along with nights snuggled up beside the fire, crisp winter walks, and the ubiquitous ugly Christmas sweater party. All your dog needs is a cold-weather wardrobe to join in the festivities.

We've assembled a list of our favorite dog sweaters for the season, from holiday-themed vests to classic fair isles to cheeky hoodies. We've even got a few that walk the line between costume - Buddy the Elf, anyone? - and cozy.

Whether you've got a small dog, a large dog, or something in between, these 21 holiday sweaters are just right for the season.

Here are 21 of our favorite dog sweaters:

A Christmas tree sweater complete with ornaments
A golden retriever wearing a green Christmas tree dog sweater

Frisco Christmas Tree Dog Ugly Sweater, available at Chewy, from $15.99

Forget the tree this Christmas. Decorate your dog instead. This green Christmas tree pullover sweater has already been thoughtfully hung with soft multicolored pom-pom ornaments, embroidered candy canes, and topped with a gold star.

A regal cardigan with reindeer pockets
A gray dog sweater with brown stitched reindeer pockets

Worthy Dog Reindeer Pullover Cardigan Sweater, available at Target, $36

This understated cardigan was made for curling up in front of the fire with a good book. The gray pullover sweater is designed with a pre-buttoned placket down the back and two reindeer pockets over the hips. It's double-knit for maximum warmth and holiday cheer.

A fair isle hoodie with subtle Disney touches
A black dog lying on a snowy step wearing the Disney Mickey Mouse Holiday Fair Isle Hoodie

Disney Mickey Mouse Holiday Fair Isle Hoodie, available at Chewy, from $16.99

Silhouettes of Mickey and Minnie frolic within layered bands of ornaments, candy canes, and holly on this red-and-white fair isle sweatshirt. Lined with fleece and crowned with a red hood, it's the perfect cozy accessory for Christmas.

Long johns to light up all eight nights of Hanukkah
A white dog sweater with blue and yellow menorahs printed in a pattern

Hanukkah Pet Johns, available at Hanna Andersson, $27.20

Celebrate the Festival of Lights right with these cozy menorah-printed long johns. Made from soft organic cotton rib knit, your pup will want to keep wearing these pj's long after the last candle's gone out. Don't be envious of their holiday style —Hanna Andersson also makes matching tops and pants for humankind.

A cheeky sweater to keep you smiling through the holidays
A black dog with a white face sitting next to a human on a couch, wearing a red sweater with a gingerbread man on it

Frisco Bite Me Gingerbread Christmas Sweater, available at Chewy, from $14.99

Crack up your guests with this maroon sweater adorned with a partially devoured gingerbread man and the words "Bite Me." The pullover is made from thick, acrylic knit and comes in small and large dog sweater sizes from XS to XXXL.

An ugly dog Christmas sweater for your holiday party
A white dog lying on a wooden floor wearing a brown sweater with white stitching and green christmas trees

Frisco Nordic Fair Isle Dog Hooded Sweater, available at Chewy, from $15.99

With its brown background, white hearts, and pink pom-poms, this holiday sweater will be a top contender for the season's ugliest. Just check out the reindeer antlers sewn into the hood. If your dog can't make it cute, no one can.

A snowman hoodie to keep them from turning into one
A white snowman dog sweater with a red scarf attached

Worthy Dog Pullover Snowman Hoodie, available at Target, from $36

This holiday hoodie is part sweater, part costume, and all cozy. Made from soft sherpa fleece, the pullover snow(man) suit is a great option for small dogs — it comes in both XXS and XS — and has "coal" buttons, a "carrot" nose, and a red-and-white striped scarf. 

A matching sweater set for you and your dog
A person wearing a christmas patterned sweater, kissing a black dog wearing the same printed sweater

Great Yukon Sweater for Pups and People, available at Dog Threads, $42

Twin in style with this fair isle sweater designed for you and your pup. The red and black pattern on a white background pays homage to the great antlered mascot of the North: the moose. People sizes range from infant to adult unisex XXL and a portion of all profits are donated to animal rescues.

A Hanukkah hoodie that speaks the truth
A blue dog sweater with a white menorah and the phrase "spoiled for 8 days" printed onto it, next to a pink sweater with the same phrase

Spoiled for 8 Days Hanukkah Hoodie, available at Etsy, from $16.99

As every Jewish kid knows, Christmas is cool, but Hanukkah and its eight days of presents is cooler. Chances are, your dog's figured it out, too. If not, this soft cotton hoodie spells it out clearly. Available in a wide variety of colors and in sizes up to 6XL, this is a great option for big spoiled dogs ready to party.

A reversible fleece vest with winter style
A white vest with colorful christmas trees printed onto it, a green pocket, and red detailing

Winter Wonderland Reversible Teddy Vest, available at Lucy & Co., $45

Get two looks in one with this reversible winter vest. With soft, maroon teddy fleece and hunter green accents on one side and a forest of colorful trees on the other, you'll wish Lucy & Co. made one for humans, too.

An elf sweater for making holiday magic
A smiling light brown dog wearing a green sweater, sitting on top of a human wearing a red santa sweater

Elf Sweater, available at Petsmart, from $24.99

Transform your dog into a helpful Christmas elf with this festive holiday frock. The bright green sweater has authentic Buddy the Elf details drawn right in, including a buckled belt and a white collar and buttons. Not even Santa will be able to tell your pup apart from his authentic associates.

A joy-full Christmas turtleneck
A small dog and a cat both wearing red and white striped sweaters that say "Joy" in green glitter

Flip Sequin Joy Dog Sweater, available at Target, from $12

Keep your pup merry on Christmas Day with this flashy holiday sweater. Down the back of the red-and-white striped turtleneck, green flip sequins spell out the word "Joy."

An understated snowflake sweater for dogs that are too cool for Christmas
A medium sized auburn dog jumping up against a wooden door, waring a gray sweater with a white snowflake

Frisco Snowflake Dog Sweater, available at Chewy, from $15.99

Not into the whole ugly dog sweater thing? Try this sweet snowflake pullover instead. The classic gray knit features a simple white snowflake design that celebrates the holiday season without going overboard.

A festive fair isle in blues and whites
A white french bulldog wearing a blue stitched sweater with white and blue detailing

Fitwarm Dog Winter Sweater, available at Amazon, from $12.99

Whether you've got a Hanukkah dog or you prefer blues and whites to reds and greens, this fair isle sweater is equal opportunity holiday wear. Just don't be fooled by the sizing, which comes in extra small to XXL — this sweater and its alternating layers of snowflakes, evergreens, and moose is made just for small dogs.

A hoodie for pups that are both naughty and nice
A dog curled up on the cough wearing a gray sweater with a green hood that says "I'm on the naughty list"

Frisco Flip Sequin Naughty/Nice Dog Hoodie, available at Chewy, from $15.99

Keep Santa informed whether your dog's been good this season with this hoodie. The sequins on the back flip from naughty to nice with a swipe of the hand while the polyester fleece and stretchy chest ribbing keep them warm and comfortable.

A winter hoodie designed for maximum dog comfort
A white dog with brown spots wearing a black and red sweater with small holiday details

Long Dog Clothing Co. The Wonderland Holiday Dog Hoodie, available at Petco, $25

Skip stiff, stuffy dog sweaters this season. Dress your pup in this colorful Christmas tree hoodie instead. Both the chest and binding are made with stretchy red cotton jersey that will move with them whether they're snatching holiday cookies or snoozing under the mistletoe. 

A classic holiday look, pup style
A tan sweater with a red plaid paw print

Harry Barker Paw Print Dog Sweater, available at Petco, from $23.99

Warm your pup up in threads that won't go out of style after the Christmas tree comes down. This cream-colored knit turtleneck is decorated simply with an oversized red plaid paw print and comes in three sizes.

A patchwork sweater just like grandma used to make
A dog sitting on a white couch wearing a green, white, and red sweater detailed with stockings and snowmen

Frisco Grandma's Holiday Patchwork Christmas Sweater, available at Chewy, from $14.99

Ready your dog for the ugly Christmas sweater party in this pullover. It's not quite handmade, but Grandma would still be proud. Its red and green patchwork quilt design features stockings hung with care, snowflakes, Christmas trees, and one abominable snowman.

A candy cane hoodie that's as sweet (and silly) as they are
A beagle wearing a blue sweatshirt with candy cane striped reindeer ears

Merry Makings Candy Cane Rein Hoodie, available at Petco, $17.99

What's Christmas without the candy canes? This light blue hoodie is a send-up to the peppermint treat. Why the red-and-white striped reindeer antlers? Your guess is as good as ours. Just go with it.

Matching dog and human sweaters from the Jurassic era
A bulldog wearing a blue sweater with holiday dinosaur prints, and a human wearing the same sweater

Christmas Matching Ugly Sweater Dinosaur Roar, available at Etsy, from $29

Dinosaurs get festive on this holiday sweater designed for both humans and their dogs. The bright pattern features Santa-hatted T-rexes, red-scarved stegosauruses, and apatosauruses strung with holiday lights. Choose from 10 different dog sizes and don't forget to pick up one for yourself while you're at it.

A Spiderman holiday sweater so cute it's almost edible
A dog wearing a blue sweater with red trim, with a gingerbread man stitched on top of it

Marvel's Spiderman Gingerbread Dog, available at Chewy, from $18.99

Get their spidey senses tingling with this Marvel dog sweater. On the back, an embroidered gingerbread man does his best superhero impression.

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21 adorable holiday sweaters for dogs, from a Hanukkah hoodie to a snarky gingerbread knit
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