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Man had the heaviest kidneys in the world removed in a life-saving operation

Patient on hospital bed receiving medicine by drip.
  • Warren Higgs had the heaviest kidneys in the world. They weighed 74 pounds.
  • He suffers from Polycystic Kidney Disease, meaning they fill with cysts.
  • He is now recovering from surgery, and hoping to go on the organ transplant list next year.

A man from England has had the "heaviest kidneys in the world" removed in successful surgery.

Warren Higgs, 54, lives with Polycystic Kidney Disease, meaning multiple cysts grow in his kidneys.

The condition left him unable to eat a solid meal, and his kidneys began crushing his lungs, stomach, and heart.

He had his kidneys removed at Churchill Hospital in Oxford. Together they weighed 74 pounds.

Speaking to the BBC, Higgs said: "The surgeon had confirmed it all, and yes we've beaten it [the record] in every single way you measure it.

"I've beaten it when you measure it - when you weigh it with the fluid in and with the fluid taken out."

Now, Higgs, a former accountant, said that he's living thanks to dialysis every two days but is hopeful that he will be eligible to join the kidney transplant list next year.

Higgs is back at the gym and regaining his strength. The BBC report that he will be doing a triathlon in 2022, in a crowdfunded recumbent electric bicycle.

Speaking to local news site BerkshireLive before his surgery, Higgs explained the constant pain he suffered and the daily doses of morphine he had to take to cope.

"It's hard to be positive really, it's a horrible disease. It's painful, and it's slow.

"I advise anyone who does have it to keep the faith, change their lifestyle to deal with it, but I won't lie, it's really hard," he said.

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Man had the heaviest kidneys in the world removed in a life-saving operation
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