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26 great gardening gifts for the plant lover in your life

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Image of hand holding Fiskars pruning shears pruning a branch for best gardening gifts of 2021
  • Growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables isn't an easy task.
  • Show the gardener in your life some love by giving them a thoughtful plant-themed gift.
  • We rounded up gifts for gardeners, including outdoor and indoor items they are sure to love.
  • Still looking for a gift? Check out our list of the All-Time Best products we've ever tested.

Gardening is not as easy as it looks and requires someone with a serious green thumb. If you know someone who possesses the patience and knowledge it takes to grow their own flowers and food, then they deserve only the best botany-inspired gifts for any occasion.

We put together a list of the best gardening gifts, including practical, creative, and thoughtful gift ideas. And if you're planning ahead or need a last-minute gift, we found options for everyone.

Here are the best gardening gifts in 2021

A tool bag that doubles as a seat
Image of the green Gardener's Tool Seat in a garden for best gardening gifts 2021

Gardener's Tool Seat, available at Uncommon Goods, $44

This multi-use seat and tool bag is every gardener's dream. You can detach the tool bag from the stool and store everything from a trowel to a bag of soil in the 21 pockets. 

A sharp set of shears for harvesting

Fiskars Steel Pruning Shears, available at Amazon, $12.88

For tackling rose bushes to hedges, the Fiskars Steel Pruning Shears are a great pick. They have a nonstick coating to prevent sap buildup, and they cut through wood easily. 

To find more inspiration, check out our guide to the best gardening tools

A safe place to store their seeds
Image of the seed saving kit from Uncommon Goods for best gardening gifts 2021

Gardener's Seed Saving Kit, available at Uncommon Goods, $27

Give the gift of reusing and recycling seeds from their garden after harvesting. The Gardener's Seed Saving Kit will keep their seeds organized and safe for next year. 

An indoor herb garden for year-round harvesting
Image of the AeroGarden Harvest Garden on a kitchen counter for best gardening gifts 2021

AeroGarden Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden, available at Amazon, $99.97

For the gardener who loves to use their green thumb all year, the Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden from AeroGarden lets them harvest herbs any time. 

Read our review to find out more about how it works here.

A ceramic flower to decorate their garden
Image of three ceramic poppy flower garden stakes for best gardening gifts 2021

Ceramic Poppy Garden Stake, available at Uncommon Goods, $25

A Ceramic Poppy Garden Stake is a beautiful way to add some color to a garden, especially if they live in a place where it isn't green in the winter

A basket for harvesting their vegetables
Image of a wood and metal basket for carrying items from your garden for best gardening gifts 2021

Maple Garden Carry-all, available at Anthropologie, $68

A gift to aid them in their bountiful harvest, the Maple Garden Carry-all is a handmade white pine basket they can fill with fruits, veggies, and flowers. 

A class to help them master their gardening skills
Image of Ron Finley gardening during a MasterClass for best gardening gifts 2021

Ron Finley Teaches Gardening, available at MasterClass, $15 per month 

Master gardener Ron Finley teaches an online course to help all levels of gardeners improve their plant cultivation. This is the perfect gift for all-level gardeners, especially those just starting out.

Read our full review of MasterClass here

A guide to all things gardening
Image of the table of contents page Old Farmer’s Almanac Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook for best gardening gifts 2021

"The Old Farmer's Almanac Vegetable Gardener's Handbook," available at Amazon, $12.99

You can't go wrong with the "Vegetable Gardener's Handbook" as a gift. It's a useful tool for anyone that spends time growing veggies.

A useful apron
Image of the dark green Organic Workshop Apron for best gardening gifts 2021

Organic Workshop Apron, available at Food52, $60

An apron for gardening is a practical gift that can keep your giftee cleaner and more organized, with pockets to hold seeds and tools while they garden. 

A durable gardening hose they'll actually use
Image of a woman using the ColorStorm Rubber Garden Hose for best gardening gifts 2021

Dramm ColorStorm Rubber Garden Hose, available at Amazon, $57.95

Our team tested many different garden hoses to find the best garden hoses, and the ColorStorm Rubber Garden Hose was the top choice because it doesn't kink easily and has a fast flow of water. This hose is a practical gift that will be used every day. 

A pair of gardening gloves they can wear all day
Image of a hand wearing the Pine Tree Bamboo Gardening Gloves for best gardening gifts 2021

Pine Tree Tools Women's and Men's Bamboo Gardening Gloves, available at Pine Tree Tools, $19.97

A gardener can never have too many gloves. The bamboo gardening gloves were our top choice in our guide to the best gardening gloves. This pair is comfortable and breathable — ideal for gardening. 

A high-quality garden hose nozzle
Image of the Gardenite Garden Hose Nozzle spraying water for best gardening gifts 2021

Gardenite Garden Hose Nozzle, available at Amazon, $24.95

A good garden hose nozzle is essential for making sure their plants get plenty of water. The Gardenite Garden Hose Nozzle is the most reliable and versatile nozzle, according to our roundup of the best garden hose nozzles

A salve to keep their hands hydrated
Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, available at Sephora, $24

Gardening can be tough on the hands, and a nourishing salve is a gift the gardener in your life will use daily. The Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve is our favorite hand cream for active hands.

A mini garden for growing cocktail herbs
Image of the Cocktail Grow Kit in an egg carton surrounded by plants for best gardening gifts 2021

Cocktail Grow Kit, available at Uncommon Goods, $12

They can grow their own herbs to put in cocktail recipes with the Cocktail Grow Kit from Uncommon Goods. The kit includes seeds for lavender, thyme, blue borage, mint, Thai basil, and lemon balm.

A reusable floral tote bag
Image of a canvas tote with black flowers printed on it for best gardening gifts 2021

Wildflowers of Alaska Reusable Grocery Tote, available at Etsy, $19

This reusable tote bag from Etsy, adorned with dainty wildflowers, is an excellent gift for your favorite floral fan. It's practical and stylish, and they can use it for gardening or running errands.

A book that gives gardening and mixology advice
Image of the green cover of The Drunken Botanist for best gardening gifts 2021

"The Drunken Botanist," available at Amazon, $13.89

A gift that combines horticulture, history, and bartending, "The Drunken Botanist" is an informative, creative guide to everything they need to know about gardening, from aperitifs to zests. 

A candle that smells like blooming flowers
Image of the Otherland Daybed candle surrounded by flower petals and pink books for best gardening gifts 2021

Daybed Candle, available at Otherland, $36

Transport them to a garden blooming in spring with the floral scents from the Daybed candle from Otherland. 

Read our full review of Otherland candles here.

An elegant glass bird feeder
Image of a glass and gold bird feeder from Uncommon Goods for best gardening gifts 2021

Glass House Bird Feeder, available at Uncommon Goods, $64

An elegant gift for gardeners and the birds that visit their garden, this gold terrarium-like feeder can suction onto any window or hang from a branch. 

A pot-shaped mug
Image of a green and white mug with plants on it for best gardening gifts 2021

Head Gardener Mug, available at Etsy, $18.60

This adorable plant pot-shaped mug is a useful and thoughtful gift for the self-appointed head gardener you know and love.

A custom gardening trowel
Image of a personalized garden trowel for best gardening gifts 2021

Personalized Garden Trowel, available at Etsy, $14.95

A gardening trowel is incredibly practical. Plus, the personalized touch makes it extra considerate. 

A monthly subscription for bulbs
Image of flowers planted in boxes for the Bulb-of-the Month Club for best gardening gifts 2021

Bulb-of-the Month Club, available at Harry and David, from $99

For the botanist that loves flowers like tulips or lilies, the Bulb-of-the-Month Club is a recurring gift that delivers planted bulbs to their doorstep every month. 

A set of reusable beeswax wraps
Image of the yellow reusable beeswax food wraps for best gardening gifts 2021

Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps, available at Amazon, $18.99

Reusable beeswax wraps are perfect for storing fruits and vegetables straight from their garden. This set of wax covers comes in three different sizes for a variety of uses.

A journal for keeping gardening notes
Image of the green gardening journal from Uncommon Goods for best gardening gifts 2021

My Gardening Handbook, available at Uncommon Goods, $35

Give the gift of organized note-taking with this planner designed for gardeners to keep track of dates, notes, and more. It also includes prompts for writing down inspiration and reflections. 

A set of cards you can plant
Image of white plantable cards for best gardening gifts 2021

Plantable Seed Cards With Envelopes, available at Etsy, from $20

Your gift recipient can use these plantable cards to send letters to friends and family. After they plant the card, it sprouts gorgeous wildflowers. 

Ceramic hanging wall planters
Image of the ceramic geometric hanging planters for best gardening gifts 2021

Umbra Hanging Planter Vase & Geometric Wall Decor Container, available at Amazon, $17

These hanging planters are a fun way to spruce up their home decor, all while including a touch of greenery. The ceramic holders are perfect for air plants, succulents, or other small plants.  

A gift card to buy their favorite plants
Image of a Lowe’s gift card with a snow globe on it for best gardening gifts 2021

E-gift card, available at Lowe's, from $5

If you're in a pinch for time, a gift card is a great gift that can be in their inbox in minutes. Lowe's is one of the best places to shop for all things gardening-related, so you can't go wrong with an e-gift card. 

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26 great gardening gifts for the plant lover in your life
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