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Two Brothers and Two Others (Canada)

I was a little skeptical when I realized that was a black and white film. Plus when it started, it was hazy, grainy and with bad lighting but I still wanted to see it having read all good reviews about the movie. And I think the 60 minutes were well worth spent. Considering that the movie was made on a shoe string budget, the movie eventually turned out to be good.

After their mother’s death, Chad invites over his gay brother Riley to live with him and his girlfriend Tobie. Tobie and Riley instantly hit off very well with each other and she becomes his fag hag. Chad is shown to have some troubles when it comes to talking about his parents which is later shown was because of bad childhood experience. Because of this there is a certain stress between the 2 brothers but they still try to lead a good life. Riley meets Gavin at a bar and they start dating and son become lovers. But Gavin has hidden the fact from Riley that he is positive. Wen Riley comes to know this he feels cheated because he is scared of people getting sick and leaving him and going just like his mother. He leaves Gavin. Meanwhile, Chad’s insecurities lead him to hit his girlfriend who leaves him and goes off. The end is a little vague with lots of open question but I think thats where the beauty of the film lies.

The acting from all 4 principal characters is very good and very natural. If the movie was made on huge production with same actors, it would have been a different ballgame altogether.This movie vividly depicts two brothers’ quest for future from a problematic family who feel as if they are doomed and try hard to get out of this, but they have to go through the pain. This inner fight with their past and the weakness in their personality is the most attractive part of the movie.

Only the technical issues with the film is a problem. A very simple, decent film. (7/10)

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