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Third Man Out

This is the first gay themed movie in crime/thriller genre that I saw and I must admit that I was very impressed with the movie in its entirety. This movie too like most of the gay based movies talk about just gay issues but this one handled the whole situation in a very gripping n interesting way. Oh and how can I forget to mention that our man Donald Strachey was sooooooooooo hot n cute. I just kept looking at him. Plus he acted well.

This is a detective story set in Albany, New York with a number of twists and turns. Detective Strachey is a gay man, well adjusted, living with his wholesome and tender partner Timmy who works for a senator. The action involves a gay activist John Rutka, with a penchant for outing political figures who are either closet cases or who don’t have anything positive to say or do for the gay community. Rutka lives with a healthy life partner Eddie, and the two seem targeted for death by apparent candidates for Rutka’s next outing computer magazine. Rutka engages Strachey to protect but both Donald and Timmy have reservations because they think that Rutka disrupts closeted men’s lives too ruthlessly. Eventually he takes on the case when it is declared that Rutka is dead. After a series of events and twists, he solves the whole mystery behind Ruka’s death only to be finally confronted by a shock in the movie climax which I am not revealing here.

This being my first gay crime movie, I think I liked it quite a bit. It got confusing personally for me at times but still it held my attention and had interesting twists to it. (6.5/10)

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