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The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me

This film experience was a very different one. Whether it was god or bad, we will decide a little later. The movie is different in the sense that it is a one man show throughout the movie which is more like a theatrical event converted movie for audience. One man talks about his experiences through various phases in life starting from when he was 6 to when he is in his mid 40s. It includes experiences going to the gym, clubs, gay bashing, secret dreams etc.

Personally there was nothing for me in the movie. It started ok. I was a little interested initially because I had never seen any such thing earlier. In the initial portions I tried hard to understand and was getting into it. In fact the scene where he acts as he is visiting the gym was hilarious. I laughed a lot in that but after that it just kept going boring. The movie doesn’t awaken you or make you curious and sit back and think because most of the issues are known to everyone. You just feel that this one man is very self indulgent. Though I must say that performance wise, it takes guts to perform such a role with all dialogues and singing. Plus to create a semi nudity effect on stage is commendable but still the movie did not do it for me.

Can be skipped. Its a poor excuse just to see first time a one man show. (3/10)

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