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The Fruit Machine (UK)

What was this movie? A thriller, ode to friendship, love or about love for dolphins? I am still asking this question to myself. I mean its ok when people throw in multiple themes to a film but they are somehow inter-related but here the thriller and dolphins have nothing to do with each other.

Eddie lives with his family and shares passion for romantic sagas like his mom. His father hates him for being sissy and acting like girls. He wants Eddie to be more manly. Eddie is best mate with Michael, a street lad. Both of them care a lot for each other, are just 16 and true friends. One day Eddie’s father hits him and then on Michael’s initiation, they both leave the town. Michael says he will take care of Eddie. Here begins their journey. They go to a transsexual bar called Fruit Machine. Both of them witness a murder of the owner and manage to escape. The murderer sees them too. ON their run, they meet a singer Vincent in a party which they are just gate crashing whom Eddie is big fan of Vincent likes the guys and invites them to his place and they agree to go with him. Initially Michael agrees to get to bed with Vincent so that he can make money and take care of Eddie but later when Vincent refuses to give money, they run away. Meanwhile Eddie watches a dolphin show and gets very disturbed to see the dolphins being captivated in the tiny pool whereas he believes they should be in the sea. One such night he goes to the museum and plays with dolphins. The murderer reaches there and attacks Eddie. Michael comes in time and murders the killer in the swimming pool. He doesn’t realize that Eddie is hurt. Ultimately Michael manages to take the dolphin away and release it in the sea but realizes that the guy , his best mate for whom he did all this is now dead.

Acting was decent. Personally for me I had difficulty understanding some of the dialogues because of the Brit accent. The only good thing about this movie was the friendship. No sexual tension. Just pure love, respect and care for each other is what was shown in Eddie’s and Michael’s relationship. Oh by the way! the murderer was actually kinda cute with his blue eyes 🙂

IN the reviews online, most people seemed to love the movie but it wasn’t my cup of tea. The movie can be given a miss. Strictly ok. (5/10)

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