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Testosterone (Argentina/US)

Testosterone is the story of love and betrayal. Primary portion of the movie is shot in Argentina and shows a lot of cute sexy men. Dean and Pablo meet just for a hook up and end up living together for 9 months very much in love, until one night Pablo goes t buy cigarettes and never returns back. Dean travels to Argentina to track Pablo down and find answers to his questions.

In the process he meets Sofia, working in a coffee shop across Pablo’s home. She advices Dean to stay away an do not look for Pablo. In the process Dean meets Marcus, Sofia’s brother. They get attracted but Dean finds out that Marcus is Pablo’s ex and Marcus keeps saying that Dean was just time pass for Pablo. So Dean asks Marcus to take him to Pablo. Marcus is still very much in love with Pablo and hence he wants to kill Dean. But he is unable to do so. They make love and finally Marcus kills himself. Dean figures something is wrong and looks for Pablo and now wants to kill him. Sofia agrees to help but twist comes wen they show that Sofia marries to Pablo because of her money. Dean then kidnaps Pablo and from what I could understand from the movie, kills him and returns back to US, now satisfied that he has taken his revenge for cheating.

Testosterone in the movie refers to as brutal male power including violence, highly sexual energy, vengefulness and compulsive behavior. The movie addressed the masculine characteristics associated with the hormone testosterone. It has drama, funny moments and some of the best and hottest man-to-man kissing scenes ever.

An ok movie which could have been better. (6/10)

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