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Smukke Dreng (Denmark-danish) [Pretty Boy]

‘Smukke dreng’ (‘Pretty Boy’) is a film about a 13 year old runaway boy Nick. Rather than living with his mother who has a very active sex life, he decided to run away to live on his own. On his first night he encounters a gang of young men abusing an older guy. After that he gets the old man’s name and address and shows up at Ralph’s place. Sharing a common interest for stars, they live together for a while till Ralph’s wife shows up and he has to move out. The film doesn’t show any sexual activity between these 2 guys

Nick then starts working for an older guy Max who buys all the stolen stuff that the gang of young men steal and snatch. One time, Max refuses to budge to unacceptable demands of the gang and it results in his arrest for buying stolen goods after the gang reports about it. After this Nick has nowhere to go so he ends up with the gang of young boys. The gang is led by a girl named Rene who poses as a boy.Rene and Nick discover each other sexually and begin their love affair. Meanwhile Ralph keeps calling and wants to get back with Nick. Jealousy creeps in and Rene goes to talk to him but ends up getting beaten up. Nick goes to take revenge and in a turn around of events, ends up killing Ralph.

The story deals with male prostitution and there is little gay sexual activity, rather a lot of heterosexual activity. The performances according to me are below the mark and there was nothing actually that I liked about the movie. Way below average. (3/10)

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