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Sheng xia guang nian (Taiwan-Mandarin) [Eternal Summer]

The tagline of the film is very apt “No One Wishes To Be Lonely, Neither Do We.”. Its so story not just in the context of the movie but even otherwise for every individual. Jonathan and Shane are best friends from school. They were forced in school to pair with each other but eventually turn out to be best friends who hang out with each other always. Jonathan meets this girl Carrie and they date for a while until one day he chickens out when they try to go physical. He realizes that he has hidden feelings for someone else. and that some one else is his friend Shane.

Jonathan tells Carrie about it and she understands but there is air of discomfort between the two. Oblivious to all this, Shane starts falling for Carrie but there is a conflict of interest with his friendship with Jonathan. Seeing this Jonathan realizes that probably he cannot remain friends with Shane for his and Carrie’s best interest. Shane has always seen Jonathan as his best friend and is very scared to loose him because he is essentially a loner without him. When Jonathan tells Shane that he does not want to be friends with him, Shane’s emotions are crashed and in a last minute attempt to salvage their friendship, Shane gives Jonathan what Jonathan has probably been fantasizing about his entire life: one night of intimate unification. This is the only way for Shane to tell how much he values their friendship. But on the other hand Jonathan wants Shane and Carrie to be with each other. Shane admits that he cannot function without Carrie, his love, or Jonathan, his best friend.

This movie is all about relationships, friendship and love. Heavy on emotions and inner turmoil being faced by all these 3 individuals. The background music of the film is specially very beautiful. A superb movie, I wish the movie is seen by much more people. Its sad that some of the very well made movies just go into some kind of oblivion.

Highly recommended for people who believe in love, friendship and dreams. (7.5/10)

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