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Sex, Politics and Cocktail

Now this is one movie about which I am confused as to whether I liked it or not. The movie has been directed in a very unconventional manner. The story is very simple. Unable to marry his girlfriend, Filmmaker Sebastian finds himself 30-years old and never in love. On his quest to finding…”The One!”, Sebastian turns to friend/tour guide Daria who introduces Sebastian to her sandbox of gay co-horts and the adventure of his life! Here starts the the movie going into flashback scenes about every individual friend of Daria talking about every possible gay sex form. They all go to a big Hollywood party and our straight Sebastian finds himself navigating through the uncharted waters of Hollywood, sexual politics and getting trapped between Mr. Big Time and…Toilet Man? Ultimately Sebastian and the Nig Hollywood man are shown making out together for looooooooong time and being happy.

The movie wasn’t bad but there was nothing very special about it either. It didn’t bore me but neother did it tell me what was the whole purpose of the movie. Just bringing infacts from lives of few individuals, throw their story together and finally make your straight character turn gay in search of true love; all this got me confusing. From acting point of view, characters were all good and fitted the bill.

Nothing extraordinary as I said earlier, but can be seen if you dont have anything else. It wont bore you. (5.5/10)

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