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Queer As Old Folk (UK)

I was thinking whether it even makes sense to write a mini review of this documentary which was aired on Channel 4 in UK, but then I thought at least it will help me keep a record of gay based movies or short films that I have seen.

This one primarily talks about lives of some old gay men who came out when it was illegal to be a homosexual. It primarily talks about 3 couples. First one have been together for 44 years and are looking to get married in a months time now that gay marriage has become legal. Second is about this guy who is married, out to his wife for past 2 years and claims to have had sex with about 800-1000 men in this time ever since he came out. He still lives with his family, has excellent relation with his son and talks to him about his dates etc. He is not looking for any steady gay partner and is happy with his flings. The third couple is a old 50+ guy living with a young 20s student. Odd couple because people confuse them as father-son but they are very much in love with each other. Both their families have accepted their relationship because ultimately its their life.

I didn’t find anything nice about the whole film except that the young guy who is a stripper was very very cute. An easy skip. (2/10)

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