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Più bel giorno della mia vita (Italian) [The Best Day of My Life]

A nice movie after seeing a couple of bad movies. My faith was restored in gay cinema. This movie reminded me so much of another movie that I had seen which showed the problems of all individual family members when they meet at a family reunion. This movie has good acting, nothing over the top, no right or wrong about love. It just had different individual’s perspectives.

Irene, a grandmother lives by herself in her house. She has two daughters, Rita and Sara and a son, Claudio. Sara’s husband passed away after 2 years of marriage and she can now not trust any other man. She always worries for her son. Rita, who has two daughters, is living the end of her marriage and is in love with a veterinary surgeon. Claudio is a gay and his mom doesn’t know it. He has a lover Luca who lives with him but still he cannot tell his mom. Rita and Sara know about this though. The family meets every occasionally for lunch.The movie is shown through the eyes of Rita’s daughter who is soon to have her first communion and prays to God that everyone in the family should be shown the truth. How the initial formal relationship between the individuals, eventually turn out to be how everybody starts accepting each other more openly forms a good part of the story. The way Claudio’s boyfriend Luca enters family and Irene starts to like her is also very touching.

The movie beautifully shows how all of us desire for the same things. love, companionship, tolerance and hope. The movie brings forward these aspects beautifully. It cannot be termed as strict gay cinema. It just had one of the characters as gay man. The movie tells about everyone’s stories and does not put right or wrong for anyone. I liked the confusions shown in Rita’s and her husband’s life. The way Sara keeps worrying about her son. How her son feels cheated for not being told about his uncle’s sexuality for fear of him turning out to be gay too. Irene’s proud when she sees Claudio in the courtroom handling his case. These were brief touching moments.

I loved it. It was beautiful. Definitely worth a watch. (7/10)

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