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Outing Riley

One of my close friends recommended the movie to me. He knew my taste and was sure I will like it. And yes! I did like it. Its the kind of movies I prefer to see. Comic, drama, emotions, family etc. It was nice… very nice.

Bobby Riley is one of the four brothers and 1 sister Maggie in a Irish catholic family. Except his sister no one knows that he is gay. After their father’s death, Maggie wants Bobby to come out to his other brothers Jack (priest), Connor (obsessed with Internet porn) and Luke (the prankster). Bobby though he lives with his boyfriend Andy, still doesn’t have the nerve to tell his brothers even though he tries hard to come out to them on a weekend getaway. One evening Maggie throws the bomb out in open by showing everyone Bobby’s and Andy’s pictures and telling everyone that he is gay.From here starts the tribulations that Bobby, Andy, his brothers and Maggie go through and they eventually accept Bobby and Andy. Bobby’s dilemma functions on both comic and dramatic planes because when he does spill the beans, his brothers assume due to his regular-guy demeanor that he’s kidding. Besides, they’re meat and potatoes Irish-Catholic, so Bobby simply can’t be gay. But, everybody, it turns out, has a secret. The way Maggie tries her best to keep the family together even if it means telling a big lie to everyone keep you giggling.

Acting wise everyone is decent. The shot where Luke is high and shows his ass is hot! Luke was hot and nude. What else would you want to see in the movie. Chicago as always look beautiful in the movie. Its plain simple entertainment for folks like me.

You should see this one for sure. Feel good entertainer. (7/10)

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