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Mil Nubes de Paz (Mexico-spanish) [A Thousand Clouds of Peace]

Gosh!! Was this movie slow or what! In a movie of about 80 plus minutes, the time where there were dialogues was maybe about 20-25 minutes max.There were just scenes and emotions just shown were extended period of time in individual screens. Not that I mind them but then there has to be a limit. I tried to bear with all this for first half an hour but after that I was like, this movie is just not going anywhere.

From a story point of view,Gerardo has just finished his relationship with his boyfriend. Then all they show is him wandering around the streets of the city and being tortured by images from his past about which he can do nothing. He just wants to keep whatever he can of his dying love. Like I mentioned earlier, the plot has no relation to the lines the characters were speaking, acting was poor and it was a very aimless movie trying to go nowhere. None of the things in the film really connect to each other. The guy in the movie is as confused as probably the director was.

Just don’t waste your time. Its enough that I did it already. (2/10)

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