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Making Love

First a few facts. This movie was made in 1982. So we need to remember how conservative the society in general was at that time and how easy or difficult was it for being to accept their sexuality. Zach, the doctor and Claire, a successful TV producer are a happily married couple for 8 years. Their is such an amazing chemistry shown between the couple that they seem just perfect. This is until Bart, a novelist walks into Zach’s office and arises in him the long-repressed feelings of attraction towards other men. Zach kepts getting drawn to Bart who for some reasons want to keep a distance from him. As Zach starts spending more and more time with Bart, Claire starts assuming him haing an affair with a woman. Not being able to handle it anymore, Zach comes out to Claire and after initial shocks and fights, they both get used to it. Bart was never meant for Zach. In the end its shown that both Zach and Claire and happily settled with thier respective partners.

Story sounds so simple but the way the scenes are handles is exceptional. The way Zach’s confusions are shown, how he keeps getting attracte to Zach and wants something meaningful and not just one night stands. The whole sceen when Zach tells Claire is just superb. Making this movie in 80s must have been a big and a bold step. All performances in the movie were good. And oh!!! the guy who played Zach, was hot!! hot!! hot!!

Me being a big sucker for romantic movies and to top it if you get one highlighting gay romance, (and I dont mean a cheesy one) I am all up for it. A must see for everyone. It will touch you. (8.5/10)

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