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Love and Other Disasters (UK)

Now this is the kind of movie that I personally prefer. Romantic comedy with gay based theme, its just perfect.

Emily called Jacks by her friend works at a fashion magazine. She is roommates with Peter (who I must say is very cute) who happens to be gay. She tries to hook up Peter to few people and wants him to be happy. Jacks herself is seeing James but she is not very serious about him, James wants to be serous but she is just hanging around. One day an Argentinean guy named Paolo comes into her office. She thinks he is guy and tries to hook him up with Peter but Paolo tells Peter the truth but asks him not to tell Jacks. Jacks start liking Paolo but she still thinks he is gay. Eventually everyone realizes he is straight. Meanwhile Peter has this crush on some guy but after a long time when he meets this guy David, its not what he expected to be. Thats when Jacks tries to tell him that sometimes u have to give other people also a chance without expecting anything back in return. Life would be much better.

In the end Jack ends up with Paolo and Peter with some guy. The movie is very very funny at most parts. I forget the name of character but the girl who plays role of a friend of Jacks and Peter’s is hilarious. She is shown falling for every other guy she meets. She is hilarious.

Cute looking Peter, a very hot Paolo and brilliant acting by everyone, this one brings a smile on your face and makes you laugh hard. At leas it did that for me. (7.5/10)

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