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Los Jornaleros (english n spanish) [Day Laborers]

Now this movie was something that turned out to be not as bad as I expected after I read its reviews online.I could totally see what these guys were going through. How much pains and what all a person has to go through to survive in a foreign country. In strict terms , this wasn’t a gay movie except that one of the lead characters turn out to be gay. But I must say that even that portion is handled very sensitively.

3 cousins Tura, Pilo and Quique don’t like it anymore in Mexico. They want to earn money so they decide to move up north to LA. heir Uncle Giberto lives in LA and they hope that uncle will be bale to help them out. To start an earning, they become day laborers and start working on daily wages. Then the movie just focuses on how these 3 brothers survive their daily ordeal, their dreams, their family. Tura meets a girl Maria on one such day. The 4 men realize that the girl has nowhere to go and so she also starts living with them and consequently falling on love with Tura.Pilo meanwhile meets a drug dealer who used to be a daily wage earner like them and now smuggles drugs. Even though everyone stops him, he leaves house and joins this drug business. Quique meanwhile is very confused about his sexuality. He meets a handsome art gallery owner but hesitates when he makes a move. Ultimately he accepts what he is and leaves his uncle’s home to be with him. NO one like the art gallery owner.

A series of events lead to Quique being shot because of drug dealing done by Pilo. He is hospitalized where all these men meet again. They realize that the guy truly loves Quique and their perception changes. Ultimately hey all accept what they are. In the climax they show that since the men are together now, because of the hard work they have now started to hire daily workers and treat them well.

A very nice movie with decent acting by the characters, I like it a lot because I had no expectations. By the way, this movie was half in English and half Spanish. (6/10)

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