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La Ley del Deseo (spanish) [Law of Desire]

The movie starts with a film director shooting for a scene with full nudity. Wonderful start but did it carry on with the films progress? The answer is No.

Pablo and Tina are siblings who have a troubled relationship. Tina is a transsexual while Pablo is a play/movie director who deeply loves Juan. Juan likes Pablo but doesn’t really love him. He wants to be friends but thats about it. Meanwhile Pablo meets Antonio. Antonia instantly faal sin love with Pablo and cares about him. Atthe same time he is jealous about Pablo’s love for Juan. Antonio seek’s Juan and ends up killing him. When Pablo finds ouot, violence leads to Pablo’s grief and a temporary loss of memory. When memory returns, he learns that Antonio has taken up with Tina. He needs to now save Tina and himself. FInally Antnio makes love to Pablo and kills himself telling him that he did this all because he loved Pablo from his heart.

The performances were strictly ok. Some of the characters were not flushed out very well. LIke they never showed why all of a sudden Antonio starts loving Pablo so much. Plus even Tina’s chracter is not build properly. Film could have done with a better cinematograhy.

The movie can be given a pass. (4/10)

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