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Kiss Me, Guido

Warren, a small time actor has an extra room in his apartment after his lover moves out. He is also five months behind his rent. His friend Terry goes ahead and puts an ad in newspaper saying GWM needs a room mate etc etc. In comes Franky, a ‘straight as you can get’ Italian pizza baker who just has been cheated by his girlfriend with his brother. Franky decided to move out of his parent’s place and sees that ad. He wrongly thinks that GWM stands for Guy With Money and goes to meet Warren.

Around the same time Warren’s ex comes back asking Warren to play a role in his drama. Warren asks Franky to act his new boyfriend so that he can make his ex jealous. Giving into circumstances that Franky doesn’t have a place to live and not much money too, he gives in and helps out Warren. On the final day Warren hurts his leg and Franky who is an aspiring actor after much coaxing agrees to do the play This play situation is quite funny in the movie. Ultimately the movie just ends with beginning of a beautiful friendship between Warren and Franky.

The lead characters acted pretty decent Warren had cute dimples and Franky looked hot. The movie has reference to why Franky is referred to Guido ( Italian jock wearing chains who is bossy). Franky was very cute. The scenes whenever Terry comes in picture are hilarious. He acts so gay that it just trickles your funny bone. The whole scenes with Franky’s rather and Warren landlady were just useless and did not invoke any laughter. Franky’s mom had just a coupe of scenes but I found them quite funny. In fact the whole family was kind of wacho.

With a few laughs here and there, it was a very watchabale one and a half hour movie which definitely does not bore you at all. (6/10)

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