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Just Can’t Get Enough

Let me clarify. This is NOT a gay themed movie. I saw it because I was under the impression that it is but thats not true. I am still going to review it just for giggles.

Steve Bannerjee is just another club owner until he stumbles into the idea of male strippers playing to a women-only audience. His cash register is flowing specially after the choreographer Nick joins them and the shows are more organized than random. Chad is just another worker in the club who does not like the idea of dancing but he is ready to do anything apart from that. But when it comes to manipulations, Bannerjee proves Nick’s equal and then some: the sex, drugs, and rock and roll atmosphere of the club quickly gives way to a headlong rush into murder, and the ride is straight down all the way.

The movie was full of flesh display of both men and women. Chad was soooooooo hot. But thats all there was to this movie.

Not worth my time. (2/10)

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