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Issues 101

After reading not so positive reviews about this film online, I Wasn’t particularly excited about watching this film but it turned out to be a decent flick. Even though the movie had very low production values, gave the impression of having been made off a camcorder, it still was decent enough and made a point about frat life in US in college.

Joe is a college freshman who mistakes a initiation from a frat brother as hitting on him. BUt after things are clarified, the eventually joins the fraternity. Christian is assigned as his frat “elder brother”. Things are fine until one night when Joe and Christian end up having sex while Christian is drunk. Christian keeps telling Joe that he is straight and did that because he was drunk. Ultimately later he accepts that he is straight but he has issues which he need to work on. A twisted lover triangle forms when the confused Christian turns a romantic weekend getaway with his girlfriend Kim into a double-date; inviting along his gay sibling Michael and “little brother” Joe. Trouble starts when Michael and Joe hit it off and Christian is left to face his own issues, straight or otherwise. CHrostian feels jealous for them but also he has to deal with his own issues. In the background they show Joe contesting for frat elections etc but this is the crux of the movie.

Even though they have shown what goes on in a frat life, I am not very sure how much of that happens in real life. Another problem that I had was the movie was at a regular pace but towards the end, it seemed they ran out of budget and the movie just ends too quick all of a sudden.

A slightly better movie, especially after seeing such crap movies of late, its your call to see it or not. (5.5/10)

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