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Funny! Funny! Funny! This movie was so much fun. I had a hard time controlling not to laugh at various occasions while watching this movie. The film gets into the mood right away and bears front the plot which is simple but hilarious, specially with the way things are handled in the movie.

A high school teacher Howard is about to get married to his fiance of 3 years, Emily. Everything changes in one night when a former high school student of his, named Cameron Drake, now a famous actor, makes an acceptance speech after receiving an Academy Award for his portrayal of a homosexual army soldier and ‘outs’ Howard Brackett as his inspiration for his role. Here begins the whole media circus where suddenly everyone in media is interested in finding out if what was said is true or not. Howard desperately tries keep his life from falling apart by protesting that he is not gay and that the whole thing with Cameron’s speech is a simple misunderstanding. Everyone except one of the TV reporter believes him. The TV reporter who is openly gay wants to do an entire week special with Howard’s story. Finally the day of wedding comes and thats when Howard instead of saying ‘I Do’ says ‘I am gay’. This incident leads to Howard being suspended from school and other activities that he was doing. Movie ends with how Cameron comes back in the small town to help his teacher and how the people of the town accept Howard for what he is and everything is fine.

Performance wise everyone has done good. Howard, fiance Emily (she was damn funny) and all supporting cast. My favorite scene is when Howard is listening to this tape on how to be more masculine and when he just cannot control not to dance when the music is playing. The entire scene was hilarious and funny.

Definitely a worth watch. A comic, funny, hilarious joyride. (7.5/10)

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