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Glue (Argentina-spanish)

This Argentinean film was a BIG disappointment. The director tried to portray the boredom in life of a 16 year old boy Lucas from a dysfunctional family living in the middle of nowhere. It also delves a little bit into his sexual experiments with his friends, the hunky Nacho and the mousey Andrea.

Lucas’ parents’ relationship is pretty unstable, but he doesn’t want to be confronted with it. So he decides to spend his time hanging out with his friends, just talking about life and experimenting with drugs and sex. He wonders about his physical development, compares himself to his buddy, and begins to explore his sexuality. Not much happens in this dull observation of teen behavior in a small town in the boonies of Argentina. The events are mundane. The characters uninteresting. The overall quality is not much better than the home-video your friend did about distant relatives. The only good scene that I enjoyed was when Lucas plays with the monkey with banana. And the intimate scene between all 3 friends is strictly ok. I thought Nacho as teenage was very hunky and hot.

The bottom-line: don’t waste you time with this one. (2/10)

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