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Gefangen (german) [Locked Up]

When you read the synopsis of the movie you feel like this movie would be worth a watch. Dennis is a new inmate. Mike is an older black inmate. Together the two face hostile prison officials and inmates in their attempts to become a loving couple. Sounds interesting; doesn’t it? But the overall result is a disappointment.

The movie is dark and comes straight to the point. Dennis come to prison for credit card fraud. The good looking young guy that he is, the prison inmates star harassing him and a group of 4 wanting to get into his pants. But Dennis has his eyes on an American prisoner Mike who are in separate cells on different floors. The story shows how Mike and Dennis try and sneak into enjoying each other’s company. How they against odds try and be together. There is whole lot of frontal male nudity and man to man sex. It can be easily termed as a soft porn including a gruesome rape scene in prison. The performances are very ordinary. Overall the movie just did not leave an impact that I was hoping it would.

You can watch this movie if you want to see lots of penis, a really cute guy and some brutal prison scenes. Otherwise there is nothing in the movie. (3.5/10)

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