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I was very confused by the title itself but the lighting outsde a motel makes it clear that they mean FAGs and not FAQs. Story starts with a runaway from Colorado, India, who comes to Hollywood where he can be the gay person he wants to be. He starts making money as a porn star but gets dodged when it comes to money. On his way back , he is ambushed by two gay bashers and is saved by Destiny, a flamboyant drag queen. Destiny earns India’s respect and he gets invited to live with Destiny in her small apartment, a place she shares with other gay people in need. Lesbian Girl Lester is one of them.Destiny sets down rules of the house: no drugs, be careful of straights, spend two hours a day naked in respect for your body, always use condoms, etc. Soon India meets Spencer. another homeless guy whom he gets attracted to and he also starts living with Destiny. Spencer and India soon fall in love.

India and Spencer decide to find the gay bashers from whom Destiny took their jacket. The jacket had one of the guys Guy address on it. After initial inhibitions, they go but when they confront Guy, India senses Guy’s sexual confusions and soon India makes Guy realize that its ok to be gay and he should accept himself for what he is. Guy leaves his room mate and the three return to Destiny’s ever growing ‘family’. Ultimately the other basher also realizes how much he loves Guy and cannot live with him. Its shown very well the way the other basher realizes his love for guy and how he has to fight with his inner turmoil to accept what he is.

There is quite a bot of frontal nudity in the film but its done with class. A few love making scenes between India and Spencer are pretty nice. Towards the end they also show how Spencer even though he loves India, cannot accept that fact because he is afraid to be left alone and be hurt. The performances of the actors was pretty decent. I liked the drag queen’s role best. India was very very cute. I thought he is not more than 18-19 year old maybe.

A decent watch. No specific message, it doesn’t preach but it doesn’t leave you bored and wanting for more either. (6.5/10)

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