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Defying Gravity

This is the kind of film that I personally prefer on most of the movies. Its difficult to put this movie in one particular genre. If I had to say, I would put it as coming out/romantic movie which is totally my cup of tea. The movie per me is almost there where I cannot find a fault with it. Right from the story telling, to the characters portrayed, acting, friendship between the 2 boys, love and affection, acceptance by parents and community; it has just about everything with the right sentiment and right emotion. I have seen the movie twice already.:)

The story is about 3 friends Griff, Todd and Pete. Griff and Pete have certain sexual encounters without Todd knowing about it. Griff just wants to enjoy and live with the moment whereas Pete is falling in love and wants something more meaningful which obviously Griff is opposed to. Things take a dramatic turn when Pete is seriously injured and hospitalized after he is gay bashed. Griff stars questioning himself, obviously having these strong feelings for Pete. Story wise thats it. But the way the events are shown. All the time Todd trying to realize whats wrong with Griff and why is he behaving the way he is. Griff comes out to him in a very repentful way and accepting his love for Pete. That is one of my favorite scenes when Griff says how he never accepted the real love and he was always driving it away and Todd has this expressions on his face and asks ‘Are you in love with him?’. Its a surprise of the viewers that Todd reacts so positively and is so understanding about the whole thing. Parental love for Griff is another beautiful aspect of the movie. I am a sucker for emotional movies and after Big Eden this movie just did it for me.

The final scene when Griff kisses Pete is the hospital is oh so romantic. It is the most powerful emotional payoff I’ve seen onscreen. I also liked the fact that Todd’s girlfriend Heather is so understanding. She has always been in the background but for the viewers you have to realize how she has always been so accommodating whenever Griff needs his friend Tod. Amazing in a single word!! Oh!! did I tell you how good looking all the characters were. Griff specially resembled so much to this guy in my train whom I see almost every other ay and I have a silent crush on him.

Go for this movie. If you are disappointed, then there is something wrong with you. Its almost perfect. I am always going to cherish it. (9/10)

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