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Creatures From the Pink Lagoon

Yet another gay movie where they show a couple of friends spending a weekend at a getaway place for some reason or naother.The difference in this movie being is that there is some thrill element involved. Thats a different story altogether that the thrill was more like funny for me and by the end of the movie, I wasn’t sure whether the movie was supposed to be comedy, scary, thrill or wanting to give you a message.

Near a chemical factory, there are 2 exits. One goes to the pink lagoon and other goes to a rest stop where men cruise for anonymous sex. It is rumored that some virus is near by the rest stop which makes you eat human flesh which is later discovered to be eating just gay flesh. Essentially they are gay zombies. At the same time, in one of the homes in pink lagoon, a group of friend are meeting to celebrate Philip’s birthday (who is way too sissy). It includes Satn, the home owner, his impulsive hunky boyfriend Billy, his shy nerdy cousin Joseph and 2 others. They are attacked by zombies who have multiplied in number now. This group of friends figure out that the only way to keep these zombies away is a particular kind of perfume but the quantity is not enough. Ultimately with a bizarre turn of events all the zombies become normal after they listen to a Judy Garland song.

The acting from lead actors is very amateurish. The way they react to different situations is very childish and that what made me wonder if this is supposed to be a dark humor or something. Whatever it was, I never got it. Neither did it make me laugh, nor excited nor made me think. I was like I will see just because I have to see and nothing better to do. Thankfully it was a small black n white movie.

Avoid it. The movie was made just for the heck of it. (4/10)

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