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Coffe Date

Ever since I read the synopsis of this movie in last year’s gay film festival, I have been wanting to see this movie. After having waited so long for the DVD to release and watching it, do I feel it was worth it? Oh my God!! It was hilarious and amazing. Just about perfect movie (at least for me). Now this is the kind of movie that makes me just laugh my guts out and also feel romantic at the same time.

Todd has been setup by his brother Barry for a man to man date with Kelly without Todd knowing the fact that Kelly is a guy and is gay. Todd who is straight shows up for the coffee date and after a while realizes what has happened. But by then both Kelly and Todd realize that they share same passion for movies and eventually end up becoming good friends. Just to freak out Barry, Todd brings Kelly home after the date and takes him to his bedroom. Barry completely freaks out and leaves Todd’s place. Later Barry informs Todd that their mother is coming over because Barry told her and she wants to be there to support her son. Now the problem starts. Everyone starts thinking that Todd is gay. This includes his work, his family and his friends and everyone is very supportive except Barry who still freaks out. Tired of explaining everyone that he is not gay, Todd starts questioning himself. Meanwhile there is a twist that Barry comes out saying he is gay and thats why he has been freaking out all this while. The only way to clear his confusion Todd and Kelly decide to have sex. They do it and ultimately Todd realizes that he in fact is straight. After some awkwardness they become good friends again.

This movie was hilarious. There were so many instances where I was laughing uncontrollably. All the sequences where no one wants to believe that Todd is straight are just too funny. His life gets crazier every day. Plus when Barry comes out and says that he is gay, the way their mother reacts saying that Barry just cannot let Todd be the center of attraction is again too funny.There are other funny sequences when all women at work suddenly become like closest of friends with Todd and discuss their sex life, a female colleague asking about “backdoor entry” and Todd’s scenes with Kelly’s room mate. Every time Todd says something about gays in the initial days of friendship with Kelly and pretty cheesy and make you laugh.

Coffee Date is a deliciously funny and frequently touching comic examination of the nature of friendship and love and sexual orientation with some of the best writing/performances. It shows that its perfectly normal for a straight man and a gay man to be good friends. This was my idea of just the perfect movie. (8.5/10)

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