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Chun gwong cha sit (Hong Kong/Argentina-Mandarin) [Happy Together]

I had read a lot of positive reviews about the film and hence my expectations were quite high from the movie but sadly I have to say that I was disappointed. Not by the content but by the presentation aspect of the story. It had a nice and engrossing story idea but had it been handled more maturely, I would have personally liked it more.

Yiu-Fai and Po-Wing arrive in Argentina from Hong Kong and take to the road for a holiday. Their relationship is always under stress because Po-Wing keep disappearing and resurfacing again. Fai is more stable. They drift apart while they are on road but end up being in Argentina. Fai starts working first as a doorman to a local bar and then in a restaurant. As shown earlier he is more stable of the two. On the other hand all Po-Wing does is hustling. ONe day Po-Wing gets beaten up and he shows up at Fai’s door steps. Fai starts taking care of him but something keeps him away from getting close physically with him again. Fai says that the best time they were happy together was the time was Po Wing was recovering and Fai had to take care of him as a child. He even wishes that Po Wing does not recover fast.Yiu-Fai and Po-Wing arrive in Argentina from Hong Kong and take to the road for a holiday. Fai goes back home and Po Wing is still shown broken crying repenting in Argentina.

The acting from the lead characters was ok. Fai’s character was portrayed beautifully. Po Wing I thought was strictly ok. The movie I think was shot with hand held camera and the cinematography and other stuff needed a lot to be desired. The only good aspect was to see the relationship disintegrate in a foreign country.

Not one of may favorites. I would not go for it again. (3/10)

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