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Butch Camp

This has to be one of the most funniest movies in the recent times that I have seen. And the humor is all very subtle. Its hidden in the performances of the lead characters, the way they speak, the language they use and their body mannerism. As the title suggests this movie is about a closeted young gay man Matt who is fed up with being pushed around and signs up for “Butch Camp”, a macho-training boot camp run by a very butch lesbian. But there is more to this story.

Matt working in a bank is a closet gay who is no very butch and is fed up. He is also lonely and scared of loving. He doesn’t accept what he wants with his life and just drags on. As a part of one of the exercises of the BUtch Camp, he goes to a starlight bar and meets a Janet who finds him sexually very attractive. He meets her then boyfriend Rod too through her. They hang out a couple of times and the fun begins of how Janet is after Matt and how at some point Rod thinks he is attracted to Matt. Matt can see ho ROd wants to be together with him but is scared to accept the realities of life and drives him away. But alls well that ends well.

On paper, this looks very ordinary but believe me, this one is hilarious. Matt uses a language which is very high profile words rather than plain simple English and the way he talks and his timing is just perfect. I could not control laughing. They way he reacts to his gay friend’s comments, it was hilarious. Rod on the other side was very cute and added a bit of reality on the entire movie. I wish they had concentrated more on the Rod-Matt relationship. But that’s totally my view because I am a sucker for relationship based movies.

But still overall it was a funny movie and I would strongly recommend it to people. (7/10)

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