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Buah, Ha (Israel-Hebrew/Arabic) [The Bubble]

My first experience with Israeli cinema and I must say I was pretty impressed. The movie part in Hebrew and part in Arabic shows what the people have to go through because of war and extreme political situations. The movie starts with a scene from a checkpoint on the Israeli-Palestinian border. This confuses the viewer as to what kind of movie is this. But very soon the whole plot is established.

Naom, one of the guys from the checkpoint lives in Tel Aviv with a girl Lulu and a gay roommate Yelli. Lulu is in search of the perfect guy who does not want just sex but wants much more to life. Yelli works in a cafe and is shown as a fun loving guy. The story begins when Ashraf , a guy from the border while Naom was working shows up at his door. He lost his id and had found Naom’s id. There is instant spark and the 2 guys ended up sleeping together. Their love slowly starts to grow even though knowing that because of Ashraf being Arab and Naom being a JEw , there is absolutely no future for them. Ashraf changes his name, starts working in same cafe as Yelli and lives illegally in Tel Aviv. Yelli is dating this butch guy Golan (Hot! Hot!) who is out and believes very strongly that people should respect for whatever they are. There is an activist in the neighborhood who secretly loves Lula but she has no clue. So in a nutshell, everyone is trying to find their love. One day someone recognizes Ashraf, so fearing that he runs back to his hometown. Naom is shattered because he is in love with Ashraf. How Naom and Ashraf try to get back together in the background of growing terrorism and political tensions form the crux of the movie. The movie ends with Ashraf being the suicide bomber and Naom decides to go with him because they believe that maybe they don’t have any future in this world but might be able to live together beyond the clouds.

The movies is very touching, very well performed by all characters. The movie has a couple of love making scenes and all are done very very esthetically. Never before in a gay movie have I seen love making scenes so beautifully. It evokes love emotions in you. “The bubble” refers the people living in Tel Aviv who are strangely cut off from the ugly realities of what is going on all around them, which is partly why they seemed so naive. The movie focus is on Naom and Ashraf but it also does track on other characters.

A very very sensible film. I am so glad I got to see this film. A modern gay take on Romeo and Juliet. Very good. (7.5/10)

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