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Blue Citrus Hearts

This was a hands down bad bad film. Poor production, awful actors, terrible sound, very poor picture qulaity. Frankly I failed to understand the whole point behind the movie. Like someone mentioned “Think of all the horrible poetry you read in junior high, and turn it into a 91 min film. This movie was horrid”. I finished the entire movie in like 20 minutes. I just had no patience to see the film as it was going nowhere. A few minutes of my life wasted !!

The story is of Sam, a young, dorky high school student in Memphis who writes his thoughts in a notebook and finds his homelife and his relationship with classmate Ariel spiraling out of control. The one good thing in his life is his new friends hip with Julian, a long-haired, pimply-faced, fey classmate who begins to spend a lot of time with Sam.

I don’t care how many festivals this movie has gone into and how many people liked it. This on was just not my cup of tea. (1/10)

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