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9 Dead Gay Guys (UK)

Kenny and Byron are from Ireland and trying to stumble through the streets of London in search of gainful employment. In their first visit to a gay bar, they find that a gay guy called Queen was found dead previous day. And the story behind that is that he was a bitch of a conservative Jew guy who has a big bed which is rumoured to be full of money and thats the reason they never left the bed. Kenny and Byron get their “employment” giving blow jobs to old desperate men in the bar.

However in one of these encounter, Kenny shags Jeff, an old guy so hard that he dies. So he is dead gay guy 2. And then starts the whole story that since their employer is dead and they need money to survive, they need to find out the money from the bed termed in the movie as ‘The Bread in the bed’. A series of funny incidents follow thereafter resulting in death of 9 gay guys and 1 lesbian. FInally Byron and Kenny manage to get the money.

The movie I found to be pretty hilarious at times. It was queeny, obscure, outrageous but funny. SOme of the dialogues are lengthy phrases but then their explanations are so justified that it makes you laugh.

A good watch for the comic timing and the overall humor. (6.5/10)

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