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What happened last night was the reason I started this blog. 2 minutes in the movie and I was like, I think I might have seen this movie before and yes it was true. Well but at least now I can put a review unlike last time and help myself avoid the confusion again. On the onset, a good thing about the movie was that it wasn’t targeted at sex. It was a genuine story of men falling in love and showcasing a chapter of every gay man’s life.

Conrad, a gay man , owner of an ad agency lives in NY and is a control freak by nature. This is the reason that leads to his breakup with his partner Martin. To get over him, he hires an Aussie hustler Tyler. After spending night with him, realized that Tyler is a nice guy who wants to become a photographer. He wants to help him and offers him a job in his company on the same amount that he makes doing hustling. Conrad still wants to make things work with Martin. Meanwhile Tyler whose real name is Ian (Tyler was his hustler name) is being approached by his supervisor Michael. Michael starts falling for Ian and so does Ian but he fears about his past. Ian tries many times to tell Michael about the truth but somehow is not able to tell. At a office party, things comes out in open leading to a scowl between Conrad and Martin who are trying to talk out things between them, and Michael who is deeply hurt. Ian is sad because he himself wanted to tell Michael the reality. Ultimately everything works out fine in the end when Ian tells him the real reason why he as doing it because he needed money to get married to a girl so that he could stay in the country.

Ian was very very cute. Actually so were Michael and Conrad. The good thing was it did not have drugs, abuse, murders, gay bashing or any twisted character. It was a simple story of love and what lie brings to you. There is nothing outstanding about the movie, but it is still much better than what other so called genuine gay movies have to offer though I fail to understand why the title of the movie.

A simple story told with heart. Definitely could be watched. (6/10)

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