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Yours Emotionally (India)

What could have been a beautiful story to tell turned into an amateurish experience because of the shoddy screenplay and direction. There are so few movies based in India and this could have been the one to make a difference but unfortunately it did not.

Ravi and Paul are two Brits visiting India. They go to a gay party where Ravi meets Mani and instantly falls for him. They also meet an elderly couple Murthy and Anna who have been living together for over 20 years. We are told later that Murthy ws in London and came back to India when his mother died. Anna, by then a married man persuaded him to stay back. Later only when Anna’s wife died did they end up living together. Meanwhile Ravi has completely fallen for Mani. But Mani is struggling with his own responsibilities. He has to get married soon. Ravi even says that he will sponsor Mani and take him to London with him but nothing of that sort can work out. Ravi seeks Murthy & Anna’s help, but the couple hide behind words of wisdom and express inability to bring Ravi & Mani together. In the end itstime for Pul and Ravi to go back and Ravi goes back with is lost love in Mani and memories of a wise elderly couple.

The story sounds interesting but was directed in a shoddy way. Scenes would just change weirdly from one to another. Too much drama and dream sequences to confuse the viewer. The movie was very sluggish but with lot of naked Indian skin. Also why would Ravi fall so soon for Mani was not clear. I am pretty sure he had his share when he was in Uk.

Overall a disappointment but maybe I had a little too much expectations. (4/10)

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