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Whole New Thing (Canada)

This one is one of those coming of age movies. May be its not entirely gay coming of age ( I was not clear on that) but maybe bisexual. Some people might be put off by the whole idea of a story where a 13 year old boy tries to hit on his 40 year old teacher but believe me, the subject has been handled with maturity and sensitivity.

Emerson is a 13 year old boy who has always studies at home ( a beautiful home in some suburbs of snow filled Canada). His mom Kaya feels that its time he goes to school, even though his dad Rog feels otherwise. It is his dad’s creative instincts that Emerson like to write and is in fact pretty good at it.Kaya and Rog are in a stale marriage: each has needs the other can’t appreciate. Emerson enjoys his isolation and is not eager to move into the ‘mainstream’ by attending school. Kaya visits the middle school and meets teacher Don Grant (Daniel MacIvor) whom she invites to her home to meet and impress Emerson. Don is a bright, lovable teacher who has failed in gay relationships, relegating his needs to visits to park restrooms. When Don comes to dinner, Emerson is impressed with Don’s acceptance of Emerson’s outlook and decides to give the school a chance. Don Grant adapts to suit Emerson’s intelligent needs and they become friends, Emerson develops his first ‘crush’ on Don. Around this time Kaya meets Denny and start a sexual relationship. Towards the end of the movie, they show how Emerson tries to make Don comfortable , make sexual advances and how Don protects himself and makes sure he doesn’t do anything to Emerson and his innocence. Confrontations towards the climax, start to resolve conflicts between individuals and make them grow.

Acting wise everyone did a splendid job. The movie was shot beautifully. Emerson I think was shown a little too effeminate but acted well. The relationship between student and teacher was good. Maybe its too liberal but what the heck, its time we start talking about real issues rather than just giving those mushy romantic movies.

Definitely should be seen and praised. I have seen it twice already.(7/10)

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