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When Love Comes (New Zealand)

This story is told to us by 2 girls Fig and Sally, members of a wanna be band , a drummer and a singer and they are a couple. Based in New Zealand, this is a movie driven by characters rather than story.

The story is about this zombie guy Mark, who writes songs and hangs out with Fig and Sally. Stephen a modest guy in his 30s i looking for love and meaning in life and sees that in Mark but he doesn’t reciprocate except in form of hanging out or occasional sex. Mark believes that he just cannot love anyone and does not believe that Stephen loves him. Fig and sally sing Mark’s songs in between having casual sex with just about anyone. Steven’s best friend is Katie, who was once a very popular singer. She has accepted a big TV project but has no inspiration to sing and hence returns back to New Zealand from US. Viewer is ridden through the emotional turmoil that Katie is going through because of her age and her drowning career and the guy Eddie that she is seeing. After twists and turns, Mark and Stephen come together, Fig and Sally try to sort their zombie life style and make Katie their business manager.

Katie was doing a lot of over acting according to me. She had weird expressions. I guess her character demanded but it just didn’t go too well with me. Fig and Sally were good. They acted wonderful. I loved them. It was very difficult to understand Mark’s character. The inner turmoil that he is going through were left to viewer’s mind to interpret. Stephen was ok. The one thing I loved was the song that Katie sings with Sally. I loved it.

In overall the movie was ok. Half way in the movie, I realized I had seen it before. Of course there was nothing worth remembering in the movie. (4/10)

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