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Violet’s Visit (Australia)

A funny take on how things take take a twist in life when someone unexpected knocks on your doors. This Australian film shows this facet of life in a very convincing and entertaining manner.

Violet (who likes to be called Scooter) at fifteen is tired of her small own and the fact that her mom keeps bringing new boyfriends, runs away to Sydney in search of her gay father who as told by her grandfather lives with his new wife. When Violet reaches there , she meets Pete, the lawyer and thinks that he is her father. Later she finds that Alec and not Pete is her father and that Pete is actually the wife that Alec lives with. Violet’s father is gay. Alec who owns a gym has been in denial of the fact that he fathered a child to himself and everyone and even to his partner Pete. Alec does not want to have anything to do with Scooter but with Pete’s intervention , he tries. The 3 of them start to get along well and soon Alec starts loving her daughter. Soon these changed roles start affecting Pete’s and Alec’s life and Scooter being bored gets infatuated with one of their gay friends Wayne. When Scooter realizes that because of her Pete has left home, she decides to run off to streets. Her extended absence bring back the couple together and their love gets stronger at the same time telling them the importance of family etc. Thigs get fine at the end like always.

Pete was beautiful. The relationship between the couple is shown very cool and natural and beautiful. Character of Wayne is kind of funny who always tries to hit on Alec because over 40s is his type and now that ALec is a dad makes Wayne want him even more. BUt all this is shown in fun. Only problem that I had with the film was the thick Australian accent.

You would not regret the movie. This will only entertain you. (6.5/10)

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