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To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

I still cannot stop laughing just thinking about this movie. A couple of my friends had wanted me to see this movie for a while and am I glad or what that I saw this with my close friends. It was so funny in all different aspects that no gay can ever not like this movie.

Vida and Noxeema are winners of drag queen beauty contest and have to travel to LA for the nationwide drag queen contest. They take with them the wanna-be drag Latin princess Chi-Chi. The riot starts right here. After a few days into their journey , they end up in a small town in middle of nowhere. The film from thereon just focuses on how these 3 queens end up changing things in the small town with their wits, positive energy, color and humor and make everyone’s life beautiful. I know story wise it doesn’t seem to much exciting but you have to see the movie to believe it. Its hilarious. The 3 actors have acted so wonderful. My favorite was Noxeema. Dialogues like “Did you just take a U-ie”, “Little Latin boy in drag why are you crying” are just very few of a lot of them.

Surprisingly I cannot find the right words here to review this movie. It’s an experience worth watching and not to be explained by anyone. All 3 of them were brilliant.

Must see. Today. (9/10)

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