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Three of Hearts

Ok, so this is not a gay film. Its about lesbian lovers but you would not want to categorize this movie under that genre as well. It can as well be termed as a romantic movie with lesbianism involved. Not that watching lesbians making love is my idea but what the heck, a film is a film is a film.

The film starts with Connie and Ellen, a lesbian couple breaking up. Ellen wants to move out because she needs to think and sort out things in her mind. You can instantly make out that she is confused about her bi-sexuality. Joe is a male escort whom Connie hires to meet her family at her sister’s wedding since she had promised them that she will have her fiance meeting them (hoping to go with Ellen). Joe and Ellen end up becoming friends after that and come up with the idea of maybe Joe making Ellen fall in love with him, break her heart and so Ellen will come back to Connie. Meanwhile, an acquaintance has gotten out of prison and seeks to put a hurt Joe, blaming him for his prison sentence. Joe succeeds in making Ellen fall for him but in the process realizes that he is falling for Ellen and decides to stop hustling and be true to her. But before he could do anything, the guy from jail gets to him, beats him up and he is in hospital. Thats when the truth comes out by Connie to Ellen about Joe. Ellen is heart broken, but the incident makes Connie realize that Ellen is not in love with her. Rather she loves Joe but is hurt but whatever happened. Ultimately everything is fine and Ellen and Joe are together.

The movie was simple with decent performances. Joe is hot with capital H. The scene where Ellen says, “Who are you? You cook like a chef and you look like a movie star.”, I thought was so true. Ellen was charming. My problem was with Connie’s character. Her dressing was so over the top. The tried so hard t make her look like a dyke but I felt it was a sore thumb. Plus she was made to look obsessive to the extent to following her ex.

But otherwise, its a decent watch. Nothing great but good faces to see. 🙂 (5.5/10)

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