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A movie in a small town in Texas and conflicts between the gay community and god fearing christians forms the crux of this story.

Guy works in a small town gay bar mopping floors and doing mundane jobs where George performs as Liberty Queen every night. The owner of the bar one night dies of heart attack. George tells Guy that before he died , he left the bar to Guy who now suddenly has become rich. Meanwhile, the christian community led by Sister Susannah is trying heir best to de root the whole gay community. Guy has no idea how to handle all these things. In comes Alex, an outsider, who comes up as breath of fresh air for town and for Guy. Things just move on. We realize that Sister Susannah has a motive behind all these things. She wants the money behind the gay bar because she is sister of the owner of the bar and their father did not give her any money. She burns down the church and all blame goes on Guy. With Alex’s and George’s help, they are finally able to prove Guy innocent and cops then arrest Sister Susannah. Guy finally overcomes his fear of authority and takes charge of the bar.

Story is simple. It was made funny by George’s drag acts. They were funny. I also like the scenes when 3 ladies in the town are sitting and talking and poor Margaret is always quiet. Guy’s acting was strictly ok. I thought Alex was cute. Overall movie did not make any specific impact on me except occasional ‘Alleluia Amen’.

You can miss this. This is just below average. (4.5/10)

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