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The Ritz

I had no idea what I was getting into when I started watching this movie but Oh boy! was I glad I did. This 1976 movie is blatantly humorous wicked and filled with wonderful performances. I dont even know if I will be able to do justice by talking about the movie here. Terrence McNally’s screenplay is the real winner

Gaetano Proclo with his wife Vivian is present at her father’s deathbed who does not like his son in law. Theirs is a gangster family and just before dying the father asks his son Carmine Vespucci to “get Proclo”. Proclo takes the threat seriously and gets in a cab, asks him to take him to the last place where Vespucci might look for him. The driver takes him to the Ritz which a few minutes later we find out is a gay bathhouse. Thats where the fun begins. Proclo puts his name as Vespucci and enters the bathhouse where he is chased by a chubby chaser (very funny) who constantly keeps rejecting hot men because they are too skinny. He also Meets Chris who kind of becomes his friend and helps him out. We also see Googie, a wannabe broadway star who thinks Proclo is a producer. Enter Michael Brick, a detective whom Vespucci had hired to find Proclo so that he can kill him. Brick is funniest. His voice becomes center of all jokes. Ultimately Vespucci also comes in the bathhouse and then follows a series of hilarious incidents and confusions and jokes. The film ends when Vivian also comes to bathhouse and things are clarified and everyone finds out that Vespucci actually owns the place.

Every person in the movie s excellent. My favorite was Googie. Her Latin american accent was to die for. Next was the detective. Every time he speaks , it was hilarious. Specially when he ays I dont know why people make fun of my voice. Proclo was damn god. His acting was superb. Overall it was an ensemble and I loved every minute of the movie The chubby chaser was also hilarious.

Please watch it. Its damn damn good. (8.5/10)

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