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The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green

Another kinda funny confused movie which tackles with one of those common issues with gay. Will I ever be able to find my Mr Right? WHy am I scared of commitment? A light hilarious movie whose whole idea was to just entertain and not make something path breaking.

Ethan Green (a very cute guy) has problems with relationships: he has been in many from Juarez who still lives with Ethan’s gay boy loving mother , to previously closeted baseball player Kyle , to Leo his room mate to the very young Punch. Movie starts with how Ethan wants to find this perfect guy , hooks up with Kyle and they have everything is going fine but Ethan being scared dumps Kyle when he asks him to move in. Come in Punch a young 19 year old guy who has hots for Ethan and had hit on him earlier when Ethan was with Kyle. They get together but just strictly for sex. WHen Ethan realizes that Punch might be the guy, Punch dumps Ethan saying Ethan is too immature. Meanwhile his roommate Leo is tying to sell the house in which they all live. Leo and Ethan have a history together. Leo is planning to get married to some Republican guy but he still has feelings for Ethan. The crux of the story revolves around the difficulty of selling Leo’s house and the ways in which the various ex-lovers interact provides the somewhat frustrating line of dialogue.

Comic relief is supplied by two elderly gentlemen known as the Hat Sisters as well as the lesbian room mate of Ethan and the real estate woman. Of course we know from the beginning who will end up with whom, but the getting there is fairly fun. The cast obviously has such a good time with the film that they forget to enunciate and so much of the dialogue is swallowed. But they are all fun to watch so it matters little that the superficial aspects of the story remain sub rosa.

A totally harmless funny comic romantic movie. (6.5/10)

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