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The Curiosity of Chance

I think my luck is being good these past few days or maybe I am more careful of what I watch these days. Few films in a row and I actually like all these movies. This film although is again run of the mill film about a teenage gay guy trying to fit in a society in 80s but the way they have showed this is hilarious and very beautiful to watch.

This coming of age story of a guy named Chance Marquis is set in 80s in Belgium. A young awkward teenager, he is a transfer in the school and is trying to fit in. His father is was in military and he has a young sister who is very honest and blatant. He ends up making friends with Twyla, a girl who no one knows in the school and also a guy who is the photographer. Chance is assigned the job of interviewing the school football team but the captain Brad always bullies him for being fairy faggot etc. ALso in the team is Levi who also happens to be Chance’s neighbor. They become friends but Brad doesn’t like it. So he forces Levi to break off his friendship with Chance. All through this, Chance struggles and accepts who he is and meets a drag queen who gives him some word of advice. Levi loves music but gives it up after his father forces him to pursue football for scholarship. After a couple of misunderstandings Levi and Chance become friends again and they form a band and participate in a rock competition. Meanwhile Brad is expelled from the school for taking drugs. Chance’s father is finally proud of his son for doing such a wonderful job at the band and Chance finally figures out how to be himself and fight for what he thinks is right for him.

Chance acts brilliantly. Some of his dialogues are just superb. The trio of Chance, Twyla and the photographer guy is funny. Levi is so hot, its unbelievable. Brad is the usual college bully. All scenes involving college vice principal are funny too. Some people might think that movie is stupid but thought it was pretty funny.

Watch it and you will be surprised to like it. (7/10)

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