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The 24th Day

It was interesting to watch this movie. Having known almost nothing about the movie, it turned to be a pleasant experience specially because contrary to the other gay movies, this one talks and points to the real gay issues that gay men should be talking about rather than just partying and enjoying life.

Tom and Dan meet in a bar and then end up going to Tom’s apartment. They start talking and after a few minutes of verbal teasing , we are in a shock when Tom tells Dan that they slept 5 years back in the same apartment and that has been the only sexual experience Dan had with a man. Tom has been stalking Dan in revenge for his transmitting HIV to Tom, a transmission which has resulted in Tom’s wife falling victim to AIDS and dying in a car crash 24 days ago. Tom holds Dan captive in his apartment and takes his blood sample for testing and pledges to kill him if he finds that he is positive and Dan gave Tom the virus. All this while Dan keeps repeating that he has got tested many times and he is negative and that he is always safe. The entire movie goes on between changing verbal talks between the two protagonists. In the end when Dan gets the result, he releases Tom. Tom thinks he is -ve but Dan throws a bomb saying he is releasing because Dan is positive and now thats the way he will be punished.

Brilliant screenplay and wonderful acting by the two guys make this film a wonderful experience. Like I said before we need to talk and think about more serious and pertinent issues related to our community rather than just taking life for granted and being careless about it.
Must see for anyone who likes indie movies. (6.5/10)

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