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Shock to the System

This movie is second in series of those mystery gay movies featuring the private investigator Donald Strachey and his partner Tim. Like I mentioned in the review of their first film that this movie portrays gay characters in such different form as compared to other movies, that it is heartwarming to see these films.

The film starts with a guy called Paul asking for Donald’s help in finding someone but the very next day he is found dead fearing that he committed suicide. Strachey feels tat he owes to Paul and he will find out out the real cause behind this. He finds from Paul’ mother that he was the poster boy of Dr. Trevor who run an institute to turn gay people straight. Strachey smartly becomes a patient at the doctor’s institute to find out what goes inside the institute. He is helped by few fellow men with respect to a certain cd where Paul has been planing to expose Dr Trevor. Ultimately after a series of murders, suspense and twists, the truth is revealed. Al this time Donald Strachey is supported by his partner Tim (who I thought was very funny at times) and his office manager. Later we are also told that Paul was Strachey’s first lover when he was in the army.

Te dialogues are god, acting superb, Donald Strachey is still so damn cute. I think we ned more of these moves in this series because at least here is someone who wants and likes to think out of the box and creates gay characters that are more believable.

Definitely a worth watch. You should watch the earlier one first. (7/10)

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